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PNG musician says more artists releasing singles

More artists are now opting to releasing singles instead of albums, local PNG artist Sam Oeka has observed.

From his personal observations, Sam believes this is because of piracy, an issue that continues to affect artists across the Pacific.

Sam Oeka, brother of well-known local singer Robert Oeka is not new to the music scene.

He was part of the former Hollie Maea band, before breaking away to work solo.

Experiencing the struggles of Pacific artists in this age of technology, he says it is harder for musicians to make money through the production of albums.

“When we release singles, it’s usually after two months we release another single and for me personally, I see this is the best way to make money from our music compared to when you release an album.

“I see artists are now more interested in making singles where they concentrate on marketing and selling that particular song before releasing another song. This is impossible with an album,” Oeka said.

Otherwise, Oeka says one other way an artists is able to generate money is through live concerts. He says the more one performs, the more he can make.

Oeka has also registered  with APRA – the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).

APRA is a copyright collective representing New Zealand and Australian composers, lyricists and music publishers.

Through APRA, the artists are able to collect royalties on every song registered that’s played on radio airwaves.

“This is a win-win for everybody in the end where even the recoding label gets its cut,” Oeka said.

Oeka’s current singles on the airwaves are “Gulf Isapea” and “Tairuma Mori”. He is working on more singles at the moment.

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