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Prime Minister O'neill reveals reason over Polye's removal

Prime Minister Peter O'neill 
By Joy Kisselpar -PNG Edge

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has admitted that Don Polye was removed as the Treasury Minister because he refused to accept the decision by the National Executive Council to borrow $ US 1.2 billion from the Swiss financial institution, UBS.

He says the decision by the NEC is final and was based on independent official advice from all government officials and that could not be undermined by a prime minister, any minister or official.

Mr O’Neill also clarified that Mr Polye could no longer hold the position as chairman of the IMF and World Bank.

He said that position was given to Papua New Guinea and not to any one person and that the new treasury minister would take over the position.

 Meanwhile Mr O’Neill says a cabinet reshuffle will be done for the best interest of the country.

“As I said in the recent past we’re not running a theme park  where people go to have fun, we run a serious business,  our first priority is stability, stability of government and stability of policies and any changes we make must enhance that. I think it is important for the country to have stability,” says the Prime Minister.

He said that he held a meeting with both Don Polye and William Duma and told them frankly the PNC party would honor the Alotau Accord and that is THE party is entitled to have four ministries.

“Whoever I give the ministries to is my prerogative. The law of Papua New  Guinea gives me that and it will be based on performance, government stability and conduct of ministers.

I will exercise it with due care and with a highest degree of responsibility so that it continues to build stability within the government,” says O’Neill.

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