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Family from MIDDLE-EAST who are blacklisted terror suspects invest millions in PNG

A MIDDLE-East family with alleged international terrorism links has poured millions of kina into Papua New Guinea businesses in the past 10 years, the intelligence community has revealed.

The family, residents of Australia, has invested heavily in logging, security service and agriculture, their overnight success protected by officials high in the PNG bureaucracy, according to top secret documents made available to the PNG's local newspaper  Post-Courier.

The three successful businesses the family operates in PNG appear legitimate but PNG authorities have been warned that family members are on the Interpol international terrorism blacklist. The principals of these businesses refused to speak to the Post-Courier when contacted in the past few days.

Three family members are known terrorists – one accused of beheading a police officer, another charged with conspiring to manufacture explosives for use in a terrorist attack, and another charged with spreading jihadist sentiments.

Information provided by Australian intelligence says that the police officer attacker was jailed last month for four years. Australian authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the jihadist activist and his Australian counterpart who was also suspected of joining the ISIS insurgency in Syria.

In 2007 another family member was found guilty of having in possession, a box set of 16 DVDs of the radical Sheikh Feiz’s sermons, the Death Series, which became the target of an Australian Federal Police investigation. The sermons urged young Muslims to kill infidel non-believers and encouraged Muslim parents to offer their children as soldiers to sacrifice their lives for Allah.
PNG Today / Post Courier

The DVDs came to public attention when they were featured in the documentary Undercover Mosque, which aired on Britain’s Channel 4. The DVDs were being sold by children in the parking lot of a Birmingham mosque.

The Post-Courier is in receipt of some of the reports from countries that have been making headlines about the crimes they have been engaged in and the issues facing them in Australia, United States and the Middle East.

It is also in receipt of other documents detailing questionable involvement in PNG businesses, being aided by officers from responsible Government agencies (named) over the years, giving them entry into the region on the pretext of making business and without proper checks and balances on their backgrounds.

Reports detailed that these companies are connected to a triad that was blacklisted in Australia and are also a threat and were denied entry permits into the United States and some countries in the Middle East. One of these companies entered PNG in 2002 to start a joint venture with a small company and over the years grew businesses with invitations from other "brother" companies coming in to invest elsewhere.

The Post-Courier spoke to three business proprietors of the two companies (named) involved but they refused to comment as they are based in Australia while their PNG offices have aggressively denied being involved with terrorism, slamming down telephones and refusing to speak with the newspaper.

Government authorities involved the case say the Government was aware of the reports that family members of known terrorists are operating businesses in PNG.

The Prime Minister’s Office, the Immigration and Foreign Affairs, the National Intelligence Organisation and the Australian Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) are aware of the situation.

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