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Northern Governor Juffa calls on PNG Government to tighten up immigration procedures

Northern Governor Gary Juffa is strongly calling on the government to tighten up Immigration procedures and re-engage the Operation of Immigration Task Force in the country.
Governor Juffa made the call following recent media reports, on influx of illegal foreigners entering PNG, and their illegal activities around the country, which is posing a great threat to national security.
The Immigration Task Force was set up by the National Executive Council in 2011, purposely to investigate illegal immigrants, foreigners and their disreputable activities in the country, however Juffa said he does not understand why this organization has ceased its operation.
The outspoken governor had also question the mandated task of some of the government agencies, which includes the Labour and PNG Immigration and Citizenship Office, in light of the current issues. .
Governor Juffa reveals the country is in a frightening situation in terms of national security, when it comes to dealing with influx of foreigners and illegal immigrants, foreign organised syndicates such as foreign owned brothels, illegal logging and foreigners taking over reserved businesses.
Recent reports have also reveal foreigners going into settlements, and villagers, operating trade stores and selling beetle-nuts on the streets of PNG, and some even went to the extreme of breeding pigs and involving in cash crops activities in the villages, which again pose a great threat to the local traditional PNG communities.
It was highlighted, simple jobs like brick laying, carpentry, welding, and IT, are taken over by foreigners and there is nothing for the nationals who came out of PNG's Technical Institutions. Local graduates are instead pushed out into the streets who end up in crime and prostitution adding to more social problems for PNG.
A former PNG Customs Commissioner said Government authorities responsible like Labour and Immigration are issuing entry permits to thousands of foreigners and not properly checking on them whether they are in their appropriate place of work or doing other things which are contrary to what they are purposely here for.
The Public outcry on mainstream media and social media on this issues has raised great concern and Governor Juffa has raised a strong concern on the ineffectiveness of the political leaders and Government authorities to carry out their responsibilities in protecting the nations interest and its citizens.
Governor Juffa once again called upon the Government and challenge Immigration authorities to reconsider re-engaging the one's effective Immigration Task force team who had done a tremendous job and setting track record in investigating, arresting and deporting illegal foreigners around the country.

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