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PNG Government refuses to accept Namah’s election as governor

PNG government rejects Namah's election as Governor 
The Papua New Guinea Government has refused to recognise the election of Vanimo-Green MP former opposition leader Belden Namah as West Sepik (Sandaun) Governor this week.

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion, the minister responsible for Inter Government Relations, said he was studying documents alleging that Namah "hijacked and abused the legitimate and democratic process of the election of a provincial governor."

Deputy Governor and acting Governor Paul Nengai had complained in a letter to Dion that there was a total disregard of the legal and proper process of parliamentary election by Namah, who did not have respect and regards for rule and process of law and parliamentary processes. “… I appeal to you not to recognize the event at hand as legitimate and legal. I further request your intervention and investigation of the whole process employed by Namah to have himself purportedly elected Governor of Sandaun Province.

“I very much appreciate your immediate act in this respect for protection of the legal and proper parliamentary process,” Nengai said in his letter.

According to document of facts, there was a notice issued for a provincial assembly meeting to take place last Monday, April 20, but realising that the former Assembly Clerk, who was now in his substantive position as director assembly services, abused the process in allowing the meeting under dubious means..


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