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Prime Minister O'Neill Pleased at the Passage of Significant Legislation over two weeks of Parliament

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has thanked Members of the National Parliament for constructive debate that has seen significant legislation passed in the chamber over the past two weeks.
At the conclusion of two weeks of sitting, PM O’Neill said the Nation’s Ninth Parliament is delivering groundbreaking legislation that is ensuring development and stability.
“Significant legislation was debated and passed through this Parliament in the July sitting that is important for people and communities,” PM O’Neill said.
“I find Parliament sitting weeks to be very rewarding because each time we come to the House of the People we pass legislation that has a direct impact on the wellbeing of people in our country.
“In this sitting we passed landmark legislation that included the Organic Law on the Sovereign Wealth Fund.
“This legislation will ensure that revenue from our nation’s resources will be saved and invested for our people.
“Future generations will benefit from this decision taken by the Parliament.
“I thank all members who voted for this legislation.”
The Prime Minister said the behavior of a small group of Opposition members was disappointing as they voted for the legislation on Thursday then voted against the legislation on Friday for no reason but to be political.
“Some Opposition Members tried to play politics with our children’s investment, and the people of Papua New Guinea will judge them at the next election.”
The Prime Minister said other important legislation was debated in this sitting that will strengthen the four pillars of national development covering healthcare, education, law and order and infrastructure.
“The Parliament passed an amendment to existing Mental Health legislation that will enable better access to access care.
“We must do more to support people and families living with mental health issues and this legislation is an important for increasing that support.
“The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing legislation and associated Bills, are needed to help prevent people using our country to launder the proceeds of criminal activity.
“Without this legislation Papua New Guinea would have been black-listed by the Intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force.
“This legislation is also important as we prepare to host APEC.
“As a Government we must participate more in activities to prevent the financing of terrorist activities, be this in our country or around the world.
“The Mt Hagen City Authority legislation was also passed by Parliament and this will enhance the delivery of Government services to people at a local level.
“This Government is committed to empowering local levels of service delivery by people who know what is needed and how best to deliver.
“A further Bill to be passed by the Parliament was the Securities Commission legislation.
“This will create new opportunities for domestic and international investment in Papua New Guinea through increased competition in the Capital Market and Port Moresby Stock Exchange.
“Innovation in Papua New Guinea’s financial sector is essential for continued growth and leadership in the Pacific.”
The National Parliament has now adjourned until October 27.

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