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PNG's future looks good, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill

Despite the challenges facing the country, the politics of today looks right to the future, Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said.
Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said the policies of the Government are centred at improving conditions now and into the future for the good of the people. He said the Government’s tuition fee free education is one policy that is changing people’s lives and must be embraced.
Parents now have money in their pockets to improve their lives while many children who were not able to be in school due to school fee problems have been given the opportunity to be educated, the Prime Minister stated.
Investing in the education of young people is a good policy to prepare into the future for the good of the nation, the Prime Minister said. The next step is for the Government to provide enough space in the higher learning institutions and improve its quality.
The other major development policies of the Government are free health, better infrastructures, addressing law and order and growing the economy (SMEs). Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hon. Peter O’Neill said people, including leaders, should be mindful when making criticisms when talking about the economy of the country.
"When people talk about our economy, we continue to criticise even when others commend us well. Taking down our country will make people not want to have confidence in us and they will not come and invest in our country," he said.
He said PNG has a bright future after achieving so much during the past 40 years and is looking into the years to come.

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