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Two people killed in Sabama ethnic clash

Two people have been killed in a clash between three different ethnic groups at sabama, Port Moresby South over the weekend. Some drunken youths went to Sabama market and caused disturbance and fight broke out involving different ethnic groups.
Person believed to be from Wabag in Enga province was stabbed with a knife and was rush to hospital but died as a result of injuries sustained. His relatives retaliated and slash to death an innocent youth from Goilala.
NCD metropolitan superintendent Andy Bawa said situation is tense but under control as those three suspects from Gulf, Goilala and Eastern Highlands who caused the fight are now under police custody and he warned the Wabag community to hand in their suspects involved in killing of the Goilala.
Bawa said situation is tense and he has held talks with the community leaders, urging them not to take the law into their own hands but to hand over those suspects involved in the two killings.

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