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Ramu Nico is Strategic partner : Aloi

RAMU Nickel and Cobalt developer, Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd is a strategic development partner in Madang Province and it presents an opportunity for the Madang Provincial Government to partner with for common infrastructure and economic development.
Provincial Administrator, Mr. Daniel Aloi said the provincial administration in the past has been partnering with the Company and would like to continue under his administration for the common benefit of the Province, the country and the investor and other stakeholders.
“Ramu NiCo is the strategic partner and this is a privilege and opportunity for us,”
“We cannot sit back and complain and let the opportunity go and regret tomorrow,” Mr. Aloi said.
Mr. Aloi made this remark during the Company presentation of K5000, 000. to Ramu Development Foundation on Saturday Oct 24 in Madang in fulfilling the Project Memorandum of Agreement. The Foundation is established by the Provincial Government.
“Ramu NiCo Project is an opportunity for us as a province to partner and benefit from. Ramu NiCo is a strategic partner for Madang’s development,”
“All the Projects have limited time frame and we must partner with for the benefit of the betterment of Madang Province before the Project go,” Mr. Aloi said.
The former University of PNG Political Science Lecturer said Madang Provincial Government and its administration in the past have worked closely with Ramu NiCo Project and the nickel & cobalt developer has contributed enormously towards the Province’s development.
“Over the years, we understand that there are volumes of things been done and Madang Provincial Government acknowledge those,”
“There was partnership between Ramu NiCo and the Provincial Government that's why there were number of Projects implemented,” Mr. Aloi said.
“It is fair to say that most of us are new and this is the right time so we can partner with for the common benefit of us all.”
Mr. Aloi believes there can be clear demarcation between the government and business roles and responsibilities but the value and wisdom to propose and implement tangible development agendas for common benefit can be the working foundation for any responsible organizations.

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