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Prime Minister Peter O'Neill wins Vote of No-Confidence

The Government  called a vote of no confidence in its own leader, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, and quickly voted for it, 78 to 2 in Papua New Guinea parliament.

Leader of government business James Marape  moved a motion for a vote of  no confidence in the Prime Minister.

Those in the chamber  have just voted .. 78 members voted for the PM and 2 against.

The two who voted against the motion are Oro Governor Gary Juffa and Goilala MP William Samb

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill  thanked his Parliamentary colleagues for their commitment to the Government and to ongoing political stability in the nation.

Speaking after the Vote of Confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership on the floor of the Parliament today, PM O’Neill said it is high time for the Opposition to put the welfare of the country above all else.
“Our Government has a very good track record in delivering for our people and we have the clear support of the Parliament to continue this work,” the Prime Minister said after the Parliament sitting.
“We are creating more jobs, we are putting more children in schools, and expanding universal healthcare, improving law and order and building our nation’s vital infrastructure.
“It is clear that the Government will now go to the 2017 election as a Government that made commitments and a Government that delivered.
“There is no room for the games we have seen in recent weeks where a handful of Opposition politicians have distracted attention away from policy debate.
“These are mischievous games and it is disappointing as we have many challenges before the Parliament.
“We must have mature debate on policy issues in our Parliament and in our media.
“The nation faces serious challenges from drought, climate change and low global commodity prices so now is the time for all Leaders to focus on the welfare of our people.
“When Parliament resumes on Tuesday next week we will present the 2016 budget to the people of Papua New Guinea.
“We expects a mature budget response from the Opposition.
“This is a very important budget considering current global conditions and domestic demands for ongoing infrastructure development.”
The Prime Minister said the expressed confidence of the Parliament is another reassurance to the business community that Papua New Guinea continues to be one of the most politically stable countries in the region.
“Papua New Guinea continues to demonstrate political stability that is essential for ongoing economic growth.
“When the business community in Papua New Guinea and our foreign investors feel confident in our stability they continue to build their businesses and create jobs.”

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