PNG Hunters set for Mackay Cutters

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The PNG SP Hunters are set for round 5 Intrust Super Cup match against the Mackay Cutters. They will be looking to re-enter the winner’s circle when they take on the Cutters this Saturday night. The visiting Hunters dropped their first game of the season last weekend against the Falcons who seized the initiative with an impressive opening to their second half on their way to a 28-20 win. The Hunters will welcome back Stargroth Amean at fullback this week and coach Michael Marum has also made positional changes with Wartovo Puara moving to halfback and Adex Wera to centre. Thompson Teteh and Atte Bina have not been named. The PNG side will also have extra motivation to push for victory, having never won in Mackay (they have recorded a loss and a draw). After letting a maiden victory slip through their fingers in Round 3 against Easts, the Cutters were unable to match it with the Bears last Saturday, going down 36-18. However, the side is relatively unchanged from last weekend, with Tone Susuga coming in for Joss Boyton (personal reasons). Despite being named in the back-row, the Cutters will have to do it without Patrick Mago who will miss the next two games after pleading guilty to in a Dangerous Throw.   

The PNG Hunters name their side as; 1. Stargroth Amean 2. Oti Tony (Bland Abavu) 3. Noel Zeming (c) 4. Adex Wera 5. William Aquila 6. Watson Boas 7. Wartovo Puara 8. Henry Noki 9. Warren Glare 10. Esau Siune 11. Nickson Borana 12. Tuvi Lepan 13. Brandy Peter 14. Ishamel Baikawa 15. Enock Maki 16. Philimon Kimisive 17. Edward Goma 18. Benjamin Hetra and Coach: Michael Marum.

BB Print Stadium Mackay on Saturday, April 2 – 6.05pm
Referee: Nick Pelgrave
Head-to-Head: PNG 2 Mackay 1 Drawn 1
Twitter: #intrustsupercup #MCvPNG 
Live Stream: QRL Live Stream

Source: qrl.com.au


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 By Wilson Pakalu

Letter to Air Niugini Management 

Please don't fool us Papua New Guinean with your stupid 68% discount because what you advertise is a lie, a blatant lie. I'm trying to buy special fare from Rabaul to Port Moresby online one way and normal fare is K692 (fare 256 kina + tax 367 kina), your 68% special is K692 ( fare 446 kina + tax 246 kina). Where is the justification in 68% discount. Why the discrepancies in tax? Your management has to explain to us the travelling public because we trust and rely on our National carrier for domestic and international travel and this is a slap in the face and a cunning tactic and deceit. I deplore the actions of air niugini in the strongest term and please don't stoop so low with your discounts because in fact there's ZERO discount in your so called 68% discount.
We are waiting for you management to please explain.

High quality shows for Sky Pacific with new ownership

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Digicel Samoa Limited will take effective control of Sky Pacific operations from Bluesky Samoa Limited on Friday 1st April 2016.

The transition of the ownership of Sky Pacific to the Digicel business follows last year’s announcement of the agreement to acquire the Sky Pacific operations.

Digicel plans to raise the bar for Pay TV in the Pacific and has already engaged in discussions with various international content providers to acquire high quality TV shows and channels to boost the service and add value for all Sky Pacific customers – old and new. With a diverse range of viewership across Samoa, Sky Pacific, under new ownership, is looking at multi-faceted programs to maintain interest and customer loyalty.

Effective as of 1st April 2016, all Sky Pacific customers in Samoa are advised to make their monthly account payments at the following selected Digicel Samoa outlets. For customers in Upolu, payments can be made either at the Digicel Vaimea outlet, or at the Digicel SNPF Plaza. For customers in Savaii, payments can be made at the Digicel Salelologa outlet.

Digicel Samoa Limited encourages all Sky Pacific customers, old and new to contact its SNPF Headquarters for further assistance or information. Direct lines have also been made available for direct assistance if required. For all Digicel customers, please contact 125 and for all Bluesky customers, please call +685 8408125 or send us an email via WS_DigicelTV@digicelgroup.com


Young Samoan woman testifies to Easter weekend miracle

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A young woman from Siufaga, Falelatai is claiming an Easter day miracle in what many bible scholars are describing as a sign of the times.

Toaipuapuaga Opapo says she has been experiencing the changes in her body since the Easter preparations began.

These changes were not easy to look at. She bled from the palm of her hands, and feet, her forehead bled with scars like those on the head of Christ on the day of his crucifixion.

"I have been having visions and I’ve seen things for the last week that I know are signs from God himself," she said.

Opapo enacted Jesus crucifixion during her youth group’s performance on Good Friday and during the play, she bled and started having scars similar to what Jesus had.

Pictures and testimony from her father who is a church minister for the EFKS church in Siufaga Falelatai showed the incredible marks on her body.

"I am a sinner just like you, but this sign and these marks on my body are a way to tell me that Jesus is the greatest healer," she said.

"I told my parents that on Friday I will be suffering a lot from the ordeal, and on Friday during the play I started bleeding, and I truly believe these were signs," she added.

Opapo believes the experience she went through, is a reminder to Samoa and she gladly bears a witness to his messages.

So what better way to spread the message than through the media.

Opapo’s story has been broadcast on television as well as radio and printed in the newspaper.

While there has been no official explanation about Opapo's condtition, her story of a miracle is also generating a lot of interest on social media.

Loop Samoa

Opposition to take Vote of No Confidence to court for intervention

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The Opposition will seek a Supreme Court reference, following the rejection of its motion of no-confidence in the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill today (Thursday) by the acting Speaker Aide Ganasi, says the Opposition Leader Don Polye.

In a media conference today (Thursday) Mr Polye said they would raise three issues in the court in regards to the motion;

1. We will seek the court’s intervention to declare that the motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister is valid;

2. That the Committee be dismissed not to deliberate on the motion because they have abused their functions and powers;

3. and VONC must be addressed on the floor of Parliament to test the numbers which the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill always boasts about.

He said the reasons which the acting Speaker Aide Ganasi justified for the motion’s rejection were ‘hogwash.’

The Speaker ruled out the motion, saying;

1. The some signatories withdrew their signature so it was found invalid;

2. The Speaker claimed that Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah was suspended and that his signature is invalid;

3. and the ruling Party People’s National Congress has sought a Supreme Court Reference on this so it is prejudice to entertain the motion on the floor of Parliament. The reference was filed the next day (March 23) when the notice on the motion was served with the acting Speaker on March 22.

“I will dismiss all those reasons as hogwash and should be rejected outright by Parliament and the people of PNG.

“I was very upset that even through the Speaker’s chair that lies can be told.

“Even the committee cannot look at the values of rule of law and democracy but only look within themselves for political expediency- what benefits and interests them, and the goodness they get out of it.
“We will not waiver but stand on the principles which are true. The rejection does not mean it is the end of democracy. We will ensure democracy is restored. We will fight to establish a better government,” Mr Polye told reporters.

Polye explained that they had three contingent motions, saying if one wished to withdraw his or her signature, he or she had to do so in writing to the Speaker.

“When the Morobe Governor Kelly Naru withdrew his signature, we still met the requirement with more than one tenth of MPs (12 MPs). We still have the numbers. Therefore, the Speaker’s statement presented as saying invalid signatures is untrue.

“On the issue of Namah’s suspension is also not true as he has stayed his suspension. I have got a court order here issued by the Supreme Court dated 5th of February 2016.

“PNC party running to the Court raises a lot of eyebrows. We dismiss all these reasons to reject the motion as we have the hard evidences to prove them wrong.

"The decision is not accepted as it does not reflection the Constitution and the standing orders. It should not be accepted by the people and Parliament because it is a total abuse of the democratic process,” he said.

Mr Polye has cautioned all PNGeans that it is frightening to see all the values are being intimidated and supressed as experienced today, saying PNG has no bright future.

For instance, he said, the Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil was said to be referred to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee for exercising his constitutional and mandated duty to move the motion.

“What is that for? The signatures and the court orders are here. Here we have an autocratic government which suppresses freedom and democracy. This is morally not right. I would like to warn the people of PNG that the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill destroying all the fabrics which hold the society intact.

“We will not give up. Our objective is not only to move a vote no-confidence against the Prime Minister or to change the government which we believe is absolutely corrupt or to form a government which is clean and corruption-free, respects rule of law and systems of governance but also to continue to fight for what is right.

“We will continue to fight for principles which are right. We will continue to promote and advocate on rule of law, justice, good governance, systems of governance and democracy.

“We will continue to fight for the right of the 8 million people of PNG and we will not give up until we change this government,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Basil has welcomed his referral to the privilege committee.

He said he had given a week to the Finance Minister James Marape to apologise to him for slander, adding he will take the matter to the court if he fails to do so.

He thanked the Post Courier newspaper for retracting the defamatory content against him.

Toea Wisil on track for Rio Olympics

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PNG’s most celebrated female athlete, Toea Wisil is training hard, focused and on track for the Rio Olympics.
After some personal challenges following her success at the Pacific Games, Wisil is well positioned to achieve big things in this Olympic Games year having set a PNG National record for the 200m in a blistering 23.43 seconds at the ACT State Championships in Canberra in February.
In October last year, she started working with Australian coaches Tony and Alison Fairweather, who have helped with her technique and speed endurance, while also offering personal support to help build a stress free, happy environment.
She is working towards meeting the Olympic qualifying time of 11.32 seconds for the 100 metre event (which would also be a PNG National Record) and isn’t far off after consistently coming in the 11.4 second range in recent events.
“Toea’sdetermination and commitment to continually improving herself and pushing herself ispaying off,” says Alison Fairweather, Toea’s coach.
“She is working really hard in every training session and while there is frustration at times, this is often the case when you are trying to make changes to technique you have used for many years.
“But she is having more and more sessions and races with very positive aspects and is heading in the right direction,” she says.
Toea burst onto the international athletics stage after her efforts at the 2003 PNG Games where she impressed the then president Tony Green with her performance in the 400m sprint.
She has since been crowned Papua New Guinea’s Sports Womanof the Year in the SP Sports Awards in 2010 and 2011, was flag bearer at the 2012 LondonOlympics, as well as one of the ambassadors for thePNG Games in 2014.
Some of her more notable accomplishments have been winning five gold medals at the 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia, while just missing out on PNG’s first ever track and field medal by .04 of a second at the Commonwealth Games in 2010.
In April 2013 Wisil became the first ever Papua New Guinean to hold an Australian nationaltrack title when she claimed the 100 metres in Sydney. She achieved fantastic results at the Pacific Games 2015 – Gold in the 100m, 200m, 400mand 4x 400m and Silver in the 4x100m.
She is now looking towards the Olympic Games in August and is hoping to extend her ambassador support to a select handful of PNG businesses.

PM O'Neill tells Opposition to debate about Issues of National Interest

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The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill  is calling on the Opposition to stop wasting time with unnecessary agendas in parliament and start debating more about matters of national interest.
PM Peter O’Neill was referring to the failed Vote of No Confidence the Opposition moved on the floor of parliament today.
O’Neill in a press conference at parliament said there are so many issues in the country that needs the input of the Opposition, such as issues in health, education, law and order and policies that need constructive debate in, so that decisions made can be sound.
The PM also adds that the Opposition must stop trying to move the VONC and allow for stability in the government till the 2017 National General Election when the people decide for new leaders.

Internet-based travel agent to visit Fiji

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By Pitz Solo Kaulga

US-based Online Travel Company, HopRocket will make a business trip into Fiji next week. The team led by the founder and CEO Fred Ninow will visit Nadi, Sigatoka and Suva city next week. The purpose of the visit is to establish links with travel service providers in the country and Pacific. HopRocket spokesman Al Noka said they are looking forward to seeing Fiji and meeting new vendors like local hotels as Fiji is one of the growing Pacific Island countries in tourism. 

HopRocket has brought the same business model pioneered by companies like Costco and Sam's Club in retail to travel industry. This allows clients to make travel purchases at wholesale prices far below what nay other booking engine can offer. Its competitors in the travel industry like Xstream Travel, Intele Travel, Paycation Travel, Priceline.com, Travelocity, and others all sell travel.

Its visit to Fiji is expected to extend its networks into the Pacific and increases tourist numbers for Fiji and other Pacific Island countries.

Vote of No Confidence thrown out, Polye, Basill referred to Parliamentary Privilleges Committee

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Opposition leader Don Polye (R) and Deputy Sam Basil (L)
have been referred to Parliamentary Committee.
 In a new twist today, the PNG Opposition's motion of Vote of No confidence filed to oust Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has been rejected and thrown out by acting speaker Aide Ganasi in Parliament , and  referred the Deputy Opposition leader and mover of the motion Sam Basil to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee for investigation for a possible breach of unauthorized signatures of the MPs.

Ganasi  told Parliament that the motion lacked the number of signatures under section 145 of the Constitution as only 9 signatures were on the motion.  According to the law, the number of signatures on the motion must be 11.

The speaker has discovered that the motion  had  Vanimo Green MP Belden Namah  as one of  the signatories but now he is  suspended and disqualified from participating in signing the motion. Mr . Ganasi also discovered that Morobe Governor Kelly Naru's signature was not on the motion. 

“Therefore the proposed motion failed to meet the procedural requirements for tabling which on these basis, the committee rejects the motion outright,”  Ganasi said.

Opposition leader Don Polye and his deputy Sam Basil will be investigated by Parliamentary Privilleges Committee on allegations of forgery. 

Strong performance by Bank South Pacific in 2015 benefits Papua New Guinea economy

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By Business Advantage PNG 

Bank South Pacific (BSP) had a strong performance in 2015. It was a bright spot for the Papua New Guinea economy. 

The Chief Executive of BSP, Robin Fleming, says the bank's profits have allowed the company to increase its dividend payments, much of which have been ploughed back into PNG's economy.
BSP, despite challenging economic conditions, reported a record profit of K531.9 million in 2015 for shareholders,' says Fleming.

'BSP is confident we will continue to achieve strategic objectives which are directed to continuous improvement of customer service outcomes and achieving growth targets and opportunities aligned to our vision.'

According to BSP's overview of its 2015 results, the bank has increased net profits after tax by 4.8 per cent to K531.9 million, despite difficult conditions in the PNG economy.

In 2015, the Bank South Pacific Group made dividend payments totaling K369.81 million to shareholders. This meant higher income for PNG's two biggest superannuation companies, Nambawan Super and NASFUND, both of which are major shareholders in BSP.

Government finances
BSP's profitability also is a positive for government finances. The bank contributes almost 10 per cent of company tax collections in PNG.

Part of the improvement in profitability has been achieved through efficiency gains. The cost-to-income ratio fell from 47.2 per cent in 2014 to 44.7 per cent in 2015, offsetting the effect of a higher cost of funds, which rose from 0.45 per cent in 2014 to 0.63 per cent in 2015.

'Customer deposits continue to grow steadily.'

Another factor has been benefits derived from increased scale. BSP has been able to grow both its balance sheet and its business. The Chairman of BSP, Sir Kostas Constantinou, says total assets of the Group increased, by approximately K2.4 billion to K18.196 billion, partially due to the acquisition of Westpac's Pacific branches in Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and the Solomon Islands.'

'Customer deposits continue to grow steadily-up 11.3 per cent to K14.66 billion, mainly in the retail and government segments in PNG, and in the corporate segment in Fiji,' says Constantinou. The bank has a 53 per cent market share of PNG's total banking assets, according to company statements.

BSP is pursuing a regional strategy. In 2015, the bank completed the acquisition of Westpac's operations in the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga, with approvals also gained for Westpac's Vanuatu assets. All countries contributed to the strong profit result. BSP's Fiji operations increased profits by over 25 per cent.

Capital adequacy remains at levels well above regulatory requirements.

BSP, despite challenging economic conditions, reported a record profit of K531.9 million in 2015 for shareholders,' says Fleming.

'BSP is confident we will continue to achieve strategic objectives which are directed to continuous improvement of customer service outcomes and achieving growth targets and opportunities aligned to our vision.'

According to BSP's overview of its 2015 results, the bank has increased net profits after tax by 4.8 per cent to K531.9 million, despite difficult conditions in the PNG economy.

In 2015, the Bank South Pacific Group made dividend payments totaling K369.81 million to shareholders. This meant higher income for PNG's two biggest superannuation companies, Nambawan Super and NASFUND, both of which are major shareholders in BSP.

Government finances
BSP's profitability also is a positive for government finances. The bank contributes almost 10 per cent of company tax collections in PNG.

Part of the improvement in profitability has been achieved through efficiency gains. The cost-to-income ratio fell from 47.2 per cent in 2014 to 44.7 per cent in 2015, offsetting the effect of a higher cost of funds, which rose from 0.45 per cent in 2014 to 0.63 per cent in 2015.

'Customer deposits continue to grow steadily.'

Another factor has been benefits derived from increased scale. BSP has been able to grow both its balance sheet and its business. The Chairman of BSP, Sir Kostas Constantinou, says total assets of the Group increased, by approximately K2.4 billion to K18.196 billion, partially due to the acquisition of Westpac's Pacific branches in Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands and the Solomon Islands.'

'Customer deposits continue to grow steadily-up 11.3 per cent to K14.66 billion, mainly in the retail and government segments in PNG, and in the corporate segment in Fiji,' says Constantinou. The bank has a 53 per cent market share of PNG's total banking assets, according to company statements.

BSP is pursuing a regional strategy. In 2015, the bank completed the acquisition of Westpac's operations in the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga, with approvals also gained for Westpac's Vanuatu assets. All countries contributed to the strong profit result. BSP's Fiji operations increased profits by over 25 per cent.

Capital adequacy remains at levels well above regulatory requirements.

Morauta urges state Institutions to act in the interest of the nation

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Former Prime Minister Sir Mekere Morauta today urged Papua New Guineans to speak out on the importance of protecting institutions of state from improper influence, intimidation and harassment and financial and procedural abuse.

“We have a small band of leaders so terrified of the consequences of their actions that they will do anything to save themselves,” he said.
“No institution is safe from meddling, no officeholder is safe from harassment and intimidation, no process is safe from manipulation and perversion, no funds are safe from abuse, misappropriation and misapplication.
“At times like these it is essential that institutions continue to act in the interest of the nation and the people, not the interest of any individual or interest group.
“I know that the task of defending the institutions is not easy and straightforward, but allowing the destroyers to triumph through people’s inaction is regrettable.
“In the current environment, nothing is more important than the independence of institutions and the ability of their management and boards of directors to follow due process.
“A handful of honest and fearless Papua New Guineans doing their jobs properly are being intimidated and prosecuted while those who help leaders attack institutions are rewarded.
“Officeholders and the public alike have a right and a duty to ensure that the national interest is the star that guides their operations and comes before anything else.” 
Sir Mekere said there had been a number of dangerous attacks on the integrity and independence of national institutions, all designed to thwart due process and weaken them.
These attacks constituted a very serious threat to the rule of law, to Parliamentary democracy and to human rights.
Most dangerous of all have been attacks on the independence of the judiciary and the authorities responsible for upholding the rule of law such as the Ombudsman Commission, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary and Task Force Sweep.
“The attempted arrest of the Chief Magistrate, the defiance of the Ombudsman Commission and veiled threats against it, the revolving door of Police Commissioners, the arrest of members of the Fraud Squad and Anti-Corruption Directorate and the arrest of the head of Task Force Sweep are cause for deep public concern.
“So too is the withdrawal of funding for Task Force Sweep and the police Fraud Squad, which has hampered the investigation of many leaders and their accomplices and prevented justice taking its course.
“The withdrawal of funds has intentionally influenced police force decision-making to protect political and corporate suspects.
“These attacks have been coupled with constant challenges to legitimate court decisions and rulings and related actions and activities by the authorities, often on frivolous grounds.”
Sir Mekere said the Government had now turned its attention to the right of all Papua New Guineans to freedom of expression and freedom of association.
The assault on a peaceful protest prior to the last sitting of Parliament included threats against the media, the bashing of innocent people and damage to property and equipment. “This should not be seen as an isolated event. It was part of a plan to muzzle the media and curtail public discussion of matters of national interest.
“It was yet another attempt by the government to shut down criticism and discussion on social media, and to regulate the mainstream media,” Sir Mekere said.
“Papua New Guineans ought to be very concerned about the proposals for a secret police force to spy on people’s private communications and their public comments on social media.
“Subjecting people to imprisonment on the basis of “negative impacts on society”, “lies” and “false information” as defined by secret police is not something that belongs in a democracy. It belongs in a dictatorship.”
The media, and independent public discussion of issues of national importance, are cornerstones of democracy and important elements of national development.

All signatures for Vote of No Confidence in order : Opposition

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The Opposition says all signatures to the Motion on No Confidence vote against the Prime Minister are in order and that there should Not be any excuses to prevent the motion being tested on the floor of Parliament.
Opposition Leader, Don Polye said Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has written to the Speaker of Parliament that he had signed and seconded the motion.
Grand Chief Sir Michael’s signature was the subject of deliberation by the in-house committee raising questions on the validity of it.
Even Kerenga Kua, also a member of the National Alliance party wrote to the Speaker of Parliament that the signature in a motion to topple the PM was his.
Mr Polye said there should not be any excuses by the committee and that Opposition is ready to test the motion on the floor of Parliament.
Mover of the Motion and Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil said the committee even stooped too low questioning the eligibility of Vanimo Green MP, Belden Namah as a member of Parliament.
Mr Basil provided copies of the court order which Mr Namah successfully obtained to stay the leadership Tribunal into allegations of misconduct in office against Mr Namah.
Mr Basil explained that the stay order obtained by Namah automatically allows Mr Namah to be a member of Parliament.
Mr Basil said given that reason, Mr Namah’s signature was valid.
Meanwhile, Shadow Attorney General and Rabaul MP, Dr. Allan Marat says the in-house committee which deliberates on the motion of no confidence has stepped out of line performing functions that are NOT stipulated under the roles and functions of the committee.
Dr. Marat said the role of the committee is to verify if the motion is of national importance yet it deviated questioning the signatures of members who signed for the motion.
Dr. Marat expressed fears about the future of the country following the current trend by this government challenging all standing orders of the Parliament in courts thus dragging the democratic process

Acting Lands secretary clarifies K6,000 allowance

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The acting Secretary for Department of Lands & Physical Planning, Mr Luther Sipison has today clarified that the Lands Department never paid bribes of K6000 to investigating officer and police prosecutor.
According to Mr Sipison, the amount of K6000 was not a bribe, rather it was official travel allowances paid by the Lands Department to the 17 officers comprising of 6 police officers, department of lands officers and department of PM&NEC officers who were involved in an investigating team to carry out investigation throughout the country on dubious land compensation and fraudulent payments made by former Secretary Romily Kilapat to land groups throughout the country..
Mr Sipison clarified that there is no fishy deal as to how these officers received these payments and also mention that the Police Commissioner had written a letter to him on the 16th of March granting the release of 6 of its officers to be part of the investigative team. PNGFM

New look Central Government Office complex opens for business

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It is this Governments intention to accommodate government departments in its own buildings in order to improve communication and coordination between government departments to improve performance and productivity and save cost.”
This was the remark made by the Secretary for the Department of Personnel Management, Mr John Kali during the grand opening of the New look redeveloped Central Government Office Complex at Waigani this afternoon.
Only after 23 years of its construction the building was condemned as being unfit for occupancy and by 1998 al the department and agencies housed in the building had to be moved to alternate office spaces and scattered in the city. But the government felt obliged to restore the buildings image and put back the Departments and agencies under one roof to bring back public confidence.
“This kind of investment gives confidence in potential investors to come and do business in the country and also shows that the country is moving forward. We must not only look at creating new things but also try to preserve buildings such as this that has been part of the country’s history,” says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when officiating at the opening.
While congratulating the Department of Personnel Management for making this a reality, Prime Minister O’Neill also urged the Departments and agencies especially the public servants that will be using the building to take ownership and look after the building and strongly discouraged practises and behaviours that are unfit to be entertained in the new office complex.
The office complex was build at and approximate cost of K230.5million by Central Lands Limited and will save immediate cost of around K15million from rentals with more savings to follow in the years to come as more government departments return to the fold.
The Departments that will be housed in the new look complex are Department of Foreign Affairs, Immigration Services and Citizen Authority, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Community Based Corrections of the Department of Justice and Attorney General and the Department of Personnel Management. PNGFM / PNG Today

Insta-Panic! Instagram changes news feeds

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Users of the social media site Instagram are going into what is now known as an ‘Insta-Panic’ after Instagram announced that it will be doing some changes on the order of what appears on the newsfeeds of its users.
Instagram which was bought off by the popular social media site Facebook announced on the 15th of March that it will be doing an algorithmic change on the newsfeed which means posts that only relate to the likes of an Instagram user will appear on top of the newsfeed.
This has upset many people and also stars that pay the social media site to host their official fan pages.
Instagram is trying to calm this Insta-Panic by saying the planned algorithmic changes have not been taken into effect yet.
Meanwhile, Instagram users all over the world have taken into posting hash tags such as ‪#‎RIPInstagram‬ and ‪#‎KEEPInstagram‬ while some are just not happy to lose their popularity over this change. Read more on >> PNG Technology News


Inclusive Education for Disabled kids in PNG

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Inclusive Education is still an issue for children with disability in the country and this was one of the key issues highlighted this morning during the National Disable Day Celebrations with the theme “Inclusive Matters – Access and Empowerment of People with Disabilities”.
Students representing six (6) main stream primary schools in NCD that have been accepting children with disabilities from the Cheshire Learning Centre all turned up for the event.
United Nations Resident Representative Mr Roy Trivedy stressed on the important of inclusive education.
“All schools throughout the country should make their schools inclusive and accessible for both the disable and the normal children to learn, which is one way to show the people with disability that disability does not stop one from achieving his or her dream.”
Mr Trivedy said inclusive development is one of the key goals in the 2016 Sustainable Development Goals that must be achieved by all.


Westpac Mobile Banking a safe option, but protect your PIN

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Mobile banking offers great convenience and allows you to avoid travel and queues – but how safe is it?
When it comes to banking in Papua New Guinea, mobile banking is one of the safest options. It takes away the need for cash handling and storage, allows you to monitor transactions on your account regularly and it also means you can transact at a time and place that is safe and secure, with you the only person able to view account information.
However, not all mobile banking applications in the market are equal and some offer greater security.
Westpac has the most advanced mobile technology available in order to protect its customers’ mobile banking transactions. The bank also works closely with Papua New Guinea’s two mobile networks to ensure customer mobile transactions remain secure.
“Patented security gives Westpac the ability to check each mobile banking transaction, which means our customers can conduct their banking wherever and whenever it suits them –secure in the knowledge that hackers and fraudsters cannot interfere or fiddle with those transactions,” said Westpac’s Head of Retail Banking, Cameron Penfold.
While Mr Penfold is confident that Westpac mobile banking is one of the most secure ways to bank in PNG, he is also quick to remind customers that they also have a key role to play when it comes to keeping their personal mobile banking information safe.
“Banks can only do so much to protect customers – they also need to do their part,” Mr Penfold said.
“By following a few simple steps, customers can greatly reduce the chances that they will fall victim to fraud and help us to protect their money.”
To bank safely via your mobile:
• Keep your PIN number secret - nobody needs to know your secret PIN to access mobile banking, not even bank staff
• Keep your mobile phone safe - if it gets lost or stolen, notify Westpac immediately on our call centre 322 - XXXX
• Be careful who is watching - don’t let anybody see you enter your PIN number into your phone
• If you think someone has seen your PIN, dial *149# immediately, and change your PIN number (Option X on the help menu)
For more information, call the Westpac Call Center on 322 0888.
Westpac operates in three Pacific countries – Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu – through its network of branches, ATMs, merchants and In-Store Banking facilities.

Tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks that hit Brussels on March 22

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Following the tragic events in Brussels, as an expression of solidarity with the people of Belgium all flags of the European Union worldwide have been raised at half-mast.

Furthermore, the Delegation of the European Union to Papua New Guinea, on behalf of the people of Belgium, has opened a book of condolences at its premises, BSP Haus, 6th floor, Harbour City, Port Moresby from Tuesday 29 March to Wednesday 6 April, from 8:30am to 4:30 pm.

The European Union would also like to thank the Government and the people of Papua New Guinea, as well as the diplomatic missions and international organizations for their messages of support to the victims and the people of Belgium with whom our thoughts are with.

Maipakai doubts K1 billion IMF Loan addresses PNG Economic Issues

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PORT MORESBY: The government’s K1 billion loan (US$250 million) from the International Monetary Fund to address a backlog of foreign currency orders by the companies for imports has been doubted whether it will sustain the economy.
The Opposition’s shadow Minister for Finance Mark Maipakai said the businesses had a backlog of foreign exchange orders still sitting there in the Central Bank.
“The weekly order for the foreign currency is around K800 million.
“The bank only has about US$1.2 billion in the foreign reserve. Here the Prime Minister is trying to borrow US$250 million (about K1 billion). This question is how long will this money sustain our economy?” Mr Maipakai told reporters in Port Moresby today (Monday).
He said PNG was an economy, which was vulnerable to global commodity prices.
The Kikori MP has expressed concerns that the country may be asked to privatise all its assets, saying that is the price which the country must pay when entering into such a loan arrangement with IMF.
“Privatisation is looming as the international bank is only worried about guiding PNG to improve our Debt to GDP ratio to settle some of our credits.
“This is the only way we can revive the economy. The next government will be burdened to repay the debts incurred by this government,” he said.
Maipakai said the nation’s future had been mortgaged, adding ‘the future is bleak.’
“This country has gone to the dogs. There is no future for PNG,” he said.
He recalled late Bill Skate’s government which was under the same party, saying everyone knew that Skate had run down this country.
He further said his successor Sir Mekere Morauta rescued the economy by way of the International Monetary Fund’s structural adjustment.
“He had to borrow from the World Bank and IMF to revive the economy. We were asked to sell off PNG Banking Corporation and others so that is the path which now we are going down.
“All other avenues to revive the economy have failed. The last resort is we are going to IMF. There are certain conditions IMF loans have,” he said.
Meanwhile, he has commended the past government for managing the economy prudently with expenditure cuts on unnecessary areas.
“When I came into office in 2002, I was told by then Prime Minister Grand Chief Michael Somare not to buy luxury cars like VX and our salaries were cut among others.
“Our one Kina then was equivalent to US$0.21. After three years I got a back-dated payment for those I forwent,” he said in a media conference.
Mr Maipakai said they sacrificed only to bail out the economy with the delivery of only one impact project in each of the regions.
He added that these projects earned economic return for the country, saying they laid the economic foundation of the country well and delivered the LNG project.

Opposition Welcomes Acting Speakers' response on Vote of No Confidence against PM O'Neill

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The Opposition Leader Don Polye has welcomed the acting Speaker Aide Ganasi’s response on the motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill
Mr Polye said in that Ganasi in a letter today (Tuesday) cited doing due diligence checks on the signatories in the motion.
He said the Prime Minister was hell-bent on sabotaging the motion.
“This is a sign of him lacking the support of his MPs from the PNC and the coalition partners in the government.
“If they were safe, would they do what they have done? If the Prime Minister had the full support of the MPs of the Parliament, would he devise such a delay tactic?
“Will they be desperate in what they are doing?” he said when commenting on the Speaker’s response to authenticate the signatures before he makes a ruling on the motion.
Polye has encouraged his Opposition MPs, those from the government who supported the motion and the people of PNG not to panic.
“There is no need to worry about. We are solid. We have to be confident that the Prime Minister and his government are very weak. They are fragmented.
“That is why they are doing this. We should be happy about this. They are desperate. They are very weak. Amidst this let’s not be emotional or get angry,” he told his team at the Opposition caucus meeting after Parliament was adjourned to 10am tomorrow.
Polye said the Prime Minister knew it very well that he lacked the support of coalition partners and his members of the ruling party.
“His (O’Neill’s) days in office are numbered. He will not survive into the elections. That is why he is doing all these to remain in power. Let us laugh about it and relax.
“How can we completely finish him off? This is the question which we all need to ask ourselves. How do we mitigate through this?” said Polye.

Polye : Allegations of Corruption, ill-decisions warrant removal of Prime Miniester O'Neill

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A chain of allegations of corruption against the government and its unpopular decisions have warranted a removal of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, the Opposition Leader Don Polye says.

Mr Polye said the hallmark, signs and symptoms of economic mismanagement, undermining rule of law and systems of governance, erosion of democracy and rife in corruption among others indicated to the people of PNG that the motion of no-confidence against Mr O’Neill ‘was a need.’

“Is the motion of no-confidence warranted at present or are we doing it because we just want to? A no-confidence vote is warranted today than ever.

“We have seen every symptom; we have seen every indication that the Opposition has a duty to change the current government because of several issues. I have them all documented here. I would like to mention to you the law and order, economic and corruption issues which are before the government,” Mr Polye told reporters at a media conference in Port Moresby today (Monday).

Polye said the issues which warranted for the removal of the Prime Minister were;

1. PNG LNG revenues have been mortgaged through K3 billion UBS Loan
a. PM O’Neill kept lying about it until the Central Bank spilled the beans.
2. K2.5 billion Sovereign Bond Issuance to revive the economy failed
3. K78.1 million payment to Paraka Lawyers
a. PM O’Neill has been evading course of justice and breaching rule of law
4. K50 million payment for two second-hand generators without the Parliament’s approval 
a. Polye said when he was in power, he would establish a commission of enquiry into these issues and those responsible will face the full force of the law.
5. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has been referred to the Ombudsman Commission and other authorities, and leadership tribunal.
6. Exorbitant contract prices which are directly in breach of the Public Finance Management Act 
a. For example, the flyover was built at an excessive cost variations of over K320 million
7. Economic Mismanagement.
a. K50 million cut in church-run health services
b. Public Servant salary cut among others
8. Among others is K3 billion UBS without the Parliament’s approval, consequently the PM breached the Constitution.

“This means the O’Neill government is not doing the right thing in the best interest of the people.

“Therefore, the Opposition is doing for the people what must be done. We see the government is not running the economy properly,” he said.

Polye said it was a disturbing trend as a result of negligence by the government and its central agencies that supposed to be managing the economy are not doing their jobs.

“Our people’s interests are being overlooked and the economy being run down so the only right thing for the Opposition to do in the best interest of the country is to move a motion of No-confidence vote against the Prime Minister to save this country from these calamities.

“We have done the right thing. We have all the justified reasons and documented evidence to show,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said they had followed every requirement of the Constitution and the Standing Orders, adding all the signatures have been authenticated.

“Therefore, there is no reason for which this motion will not be entertained on the floor of Parliament as it is a matter of national interest. MONC is warranted and this is the time. We have done the right thing,” said Mr Polye at a media conference flanked by his deputy Sam Basil, Kikori MP Mark Maipakai and Laigap-Porgera MP Nixion Mangape.

PM O’Neill to resign only if Polye provides evidence

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Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says he will resign immediately  if Opposition Leader Don Polye can provide proof to show that he has benefited from the payments to Paul Paraka Lawyers. “If there is evidence that I have received one financial benefit I will resign tomorrow,” he told Parliament last Thursday during Question Time. Mr Polye took O’Neill to task on several issues which ended up a heated debate initially on the sovereign bond and asked if the Prime Minister could allow himself to be cleared of corruption claims by the authorities.
PM O’Neill said he would not subject himself to a political witch hunt and undermine the Office of the Prime Minister, let alone set the precedence. “I have stated this and I will state it again, if there is evidence that I have received one financial benefit, I will resign tomorrow and I challenge the Opposition Leader to do the same.” On the issue of the sovereign bond, O’Neill told Parliament that they have engaged the most credible and one of the largest banking institutions in the world for advice, reiterating that the issuance of the sovereign bond has been delayed due of the global market 

PM O'Neill warns Power Workers in major cities

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The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill , has warned PNG Power management and Unions that constant power outages in Port Moresby and Lae should not be happening, because there is more than enough power available to meet the demands in these cities.
Peter O'Neill says the constant bickering between unions and management has resulted in some union members deliberately cutting the power supply.
He says, these actions are a criminal offence.
Mr. O'Neill says, the Chairman of PNG Power will invoke the Essential Services Act that will enable people who deliberately disrupt the power supply to face criminal charges.
Mr O'Neill has also directed the Chief Secretary to Government, to convene the National Security Advisory Committee, where the issue of power outages will be treated as a security matter.
In Port Moresby, there is an additional 25-Mega Watt of power coming from the PNG LNG power plant, and a further 50-Mega Watt will be connected in the future.
Mr. O'Neill says, this will give enough power supply to meet demand for the next ten to fifteen years.
Meantime, Mr. O'Neill is calling on the Police Commissioner, to establish an investigation team into the vandalism of telecommunication cables around the country.
He says those responsible must face the law.
He's also warned that individuals involved in inspiring vandals to sabotage communication cables must also face prosecution.
He says, he cannot understand why people would be involved in acts of vandalism in the modern world, causing difficulty to so many people, and affecting businesses from functioning properly.
Mr. O'Neill says, telecommunications is an essential service in the modern world, and people who deliberately sabotage line will be subjected to serious punishment.
Mr. O'Neill is also calling on people with information on vandalism of telecommunication cables, to report what they know to the police. NBC

Embassy of PNG in Brussells not aware of PNG Nationals affected in Airport bombing

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The Embassy of Papua New Guinea in Brussels has reported that it is not aware of Papua New Guineans travelling out of the Zaventem airport or at the Maelbeek metro train station at the time of the multiple terror attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2016. The Maelbeek station is next to the EU Headquarters.
Papua New Guinea’s Ambassador to Belgium and the European Union, Joshua Kalinoe said the Embassy is in contact with Belgian authorities to confirm that no Papua New Guineans were caught up in the bombings.
He said final information on the victims, including their nationalities will be available once the identification process is completed.
Ambassador Kalinoe said all the Embassy staff and their families are safe and well. He said he travelled into Zaventem airport from London on Monday afternoon and was terrified to hear of the multiple terror attacks at the airport and the Maelbeek metro station on Tuesday morning. Two days earlier he checked-in next to the American Airlines counter on his outbound trip.
The Belgian authorities have confirmed that 31 people, including three suicide bombers, were killed and about 300 people injured with burns and cuts.
Ambassador Kalinoe said while the security alert in Belgium has been downgraded to level 3, meaning no eminent attacks are foreseened by security forces, Papua New Guineans should take precautions while travelling to Belgium and other Western European destinations, including Great Britain, France and Germany.
“PNG nationals travelling to Belgium and Europe should inform the Embassy of their intinerary”, Ambassador Kalinoe said.
In the meantime, Ambassador Kalinoe signed the condolence book at the Protocol Department of the Belgian Ministry of Public Service, Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation on Easter Friday on behalf of the Government and people of Papua New Guinea.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility

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It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that Hidden Valley Mine is a safe working environment.

Hidden Valley Mine General Manager, Gary Davies, made this remark during the opening event of the National Mining Safety Week (NMSW) at the Adam Wright Recreational Hall at Hidden Valley on Monday.
The theme for the weeklong event is ‘Road and Vehicle Safety’ and is spearheaded by the mine’s Health Security & Safety Department. It is an important event in the country’s mining calendar.
“The event is an opportunity to not only reflect on our past performance and learning, but to look forward to the future, to gain new knowledge, to learn new skills and importantly to recommit ourselves to our efforts of achieving our goal of zero harm in the workplace,” he said.
Mr Davies said the focus at Hidden Valley has been on the High Risk Tasks and the critical controls required to make these tasks safe.
“A part of this has been a focus on Road and Vehicle safety. We have implemented a range of critical controls to ensure that all our vehicles, whether it is a light vehicle or a prime mover, can move safely on our roads,” he said.
Some of the controls put in place have been vehicle monitoring, correct gear selection and vehicle specification and driver competency checks.
“Since we have implemented these controls in July last year, only two incidents from 18,000 light vehicle trips have been reported on the Hamata Access Road and incidents involving our logistics contractor prime mover fleet have reduced dramatically,” Mr Davies said.
He further added; ““We must put safety first before production because we know from experience that an unsafe workplace is not productive. We can best help this business by working safely and therefore, being productive. Safety is our priority, words alone will not help us and it is through our actions that we can truly deliver our most important value. We owe it to ourselves, our colleagues and our families.”
Hidden Valley Safety Superintendent, Charles Yamanson, urged all employees to get involved and learn about safety.
“The demonstration and awareness will teach employees about being safety conscious both at work and at home. We would like to remind them not to lose focus of the spirit of the week and that it’ll act as a reminder that safety is important. At the end of their shifts they have to go back home safely to their families,” he said.
Mr Yamanson commended Safety Supervisor, Timothy Reuben for taking the lead in facilitating the program, Emergency Response Coordinator, Jonathan Tali, and the Asset Protection Department (APD) for their support.
A cake cutting ceremony was held to officially open the weeklong event. Events include a staff mine tour for employees who have not visited the Hidden Valley pit, learn how a 785 haulage truckworks, Road Crash rescue demonstration, Fire Extinguisher drill, Road and Vehicle Rescue Awareness by the Community Affairs, Vertical Rescue Demonstration, Vehicle monitoring system awareness and dog skills rescue demonstration.

Pakistan suicide bomber strikes public at least 65 dead

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A suicide bomber has killed at least 65 people and injured more than 300 others — mostly women and children — at a public park in the Pakistani city of Lahore.

The blast occurred in the parking area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park — situated at the heart of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's political base of Punjab — a few metres away from children's swings.

The Taliban faction Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it targeted Muslim Pakistan's small Christian minority.

Pakistan, a nuclear-armed nation of 190 million people, is plagued by a Taliban insurgency, criminal gangs and sectarian violence — Punjab is its biggest and wealthiest province.

Eyewitnesses said they saw body parts strewn across the parking lot once the dust had settled after the blast, which struck in a busy residential area during the Easter holiday weekend.

"When the blast occurred, the flames were so high they reached above the trees and I saw bodies flying in the air," said Hasan Imran, 30, a resident who had come to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park for a walk.

Officials said 65 people were killed and about 300 wounded.

"Many are in operation theatres now being treated and we fear that the death toll may climb considerably," Salman Rafique, a health adviser for the Punjab provincial government, said.

Mustansar Feroz, police superintendent for the area in which the park is located, said "most of the dead and injured are women and children".

The United States, a strategic ally of Pakistan, condemned the attack.

"We will continue to work with our partners in Pakistan and across the region ... to root out the scourge of terrorism," White House National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said in a statement.

Media footage showed children and women crying and screaming and rescue officials, police and bystanders carrying injured people to ambulances and private cars.

Dozens of women and children were seen being wheeled into hospitals, covered in blood. Many of the injured were transported to hospitals on taxis and auto-rickshaws due to a shortage of ambulances.

Hundreds of citizens arrived outside hospitals to donate blood.

Local television channels reported that many of the bodies were being kept in hospital wards as morgues were overcrowded.

"We were just here to have a nice evening and enjoy the weather," Nasreen Bibi said at the Services Hospital, crying as she waited for doctors to update her on the condition of her two-year-old injured daughter.

"May God shower his wrath upon these attackers. What kind of people target little children in a park?"

Soon after the attack, the Punjab Government ordered all public parks to be closed and announced three days of mourning in the province. The main shopping areas were shut down and many of the city's main roads were deserted.

The army was called in to control crowds outside the park. Some distraught, sobbing relatives clashed with police and rescue officials.

Punjab has traditionally been more peaceful than other parts of Pakistan. Mr Sharif's opponents have accused him of tolerating militancy in return for peace in his province, a charge he strongly denies.

Last year, a bomb killed a popular Pakistani provincial minister and at least eight others when it destroyed the minister's home in Punjab.

Source: Reuters

PNG Hunters go down fighting

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RY TIME: Falcons halfback Ryley Jacks goes over for the
first try for the Falcons with PNG’s Gahuna Silas on his heels.
Photo credit: sunshinecoastdaily
The Papua New Guinea Hunters registered first loss of the season after they went down fighting to the Sunshine Coast Falcons 28 - 20 in round 4 of the Intrust Super Cup match yesterday.

The Hunters displayed a  second -half fight back after they were down 22 - 8 with two consecutive tries but the time was not on their hand and the Falcon held on to win  the game.

The loss means, the Hunters slip to third place on the competition ladder.

After 4 rounds, the top 6 stands at:

Townsville Blackhawks (8), Burleigh Bears (6), PNG Hunters (6), CQ Capras (6), Sunshine Coast Falcons (6), Easts Tigers (5).

FALCONS 28 (Tries: 2 Jacks, Hollis, Klein, Seluini. Goals: 2 Stimson, 2 Hansen) def HUNTERS 20 (Tries: W Boas, Olam, Lepan. Goals: 3 Zeming. Penalty goals: Zeming).

Two injured in Station of the Cross accident in Port Moresby

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Station of the Cross procession in Port Moresby. Photo credit: Daniel Laki
An elderly male and female have sustained injuries, after a car drove into the Stations of the Cross procession on Good Friday in Port Moresby.
Traffic Police Officer Inspector Philip Koliadi, described the incident as 'unfortunate', saying they will need to improve escorting of the faithfuls, to avoid such accidents in future.
The accident is a first of its kind for the Stations of the Cross proceeding, which saw the drunk driver of a sedan bumping the two people and getting away with it.
Inspector Koliadi says his men pursued the vehicle down to 2 mile however lost it due to the traffic on that day.
He adds that the accident occurred due to a gap that was made between the youths, the Cross and the police escort. Inspector Koliadi says that proper planning between the Catholic Church organisers of the walk and the police is needed to avoid this.
They are still working on apprehending the suspect and he is appealing to the public to come forward with any information regarding the driver of the vehicle.
The two victims are at the Port Moresby General Hospital nursing cuts to the leg for the female and head for the male.

Meantime, a sixteen year old male lost his life after being hit at the Sabama suburb in Port Moresby.
Inspector Philip Koliadi says, the accident occurred on Thursday night, when the youth was trying to cross the road after attending church service.
He was hit by a fifteen seater bus owned by a security firm.
The driver of the bus is in police custody at the Boroko Police Station.

By: Lyanne Togiba / NBC / PNG Today

PM O’Neill Warns Vandalist

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The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has warned people involved in the sabotage of telecommunications cables in Papua New Guinea will face the full force of the law.

PM O’Neill further warned that any individuals involved in inspiring the vandalism of cables will also be subject to criminal prosecution. “It has become apparent that known individuals are believed to be involved in inspiring vandal attacks that have severed communications lines. "People who have been manipulating individuals to damage telecommunications cables should be ashamed of themselves and had better come to terms with their position.” The Prime Minister said it is almost incomprehensible that in the modern world that people would engage in such behavior than can cause difficulty for so many people. “These acts are designed to deliberately cripple communications lines and that affect hundreds of thousands of people, and prevent a number of businesses from functioning properly. “Telecommunications is an essential service in the modern world, so people who deliberately sabotage lines of communications will be subject to serious punishment. “I am calling on the Commissioner of Police to establish a team to fully investigate the vandalism, that is a criminal act, and for those responsible must to be held accountable for their acts.” The Prime Minister called for people with information on the vandalism to come forward to police and report what they know

PNG Hunters set for Sunshine Coast Falcons

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The PNG Hunters are set for round 4 Intrust Super Cup showdown against the Sunshine Coast Falcons  at the Sunshine Coast Stadium this afternoon. The Falcons are fresh from a rousing victory against the Burleigh Bears last weekend. Down 14-0 early in the match – they fought back to 14-12 before the break and ran away with the match in the second all while putting in a perfect defensive effort to claim a 26-14 win. The Hunters however were pushed all the way in a seesawing match against the always troublesome Tweed Heads. A late try to Atte Bina levelled the scores, while Noel Zeming’s conversion attempt bounced off the post to go over and clinch them a thrilling win. This Sunday, Hunters will be without co-captain Adam Korave who has pleaded guilty to a Careless High Tackle charge and will miss the next two games. Jye Ballinger has been added to last week’s otherwise unchanged line-up for the Falcons. The two sides will compete for the Pacific Allies Cup, with the Falcons the current holder, having won the corresponding match last year. PNG’s 36-10 loss to the Sunshine Coast in that game last year was their second biggest loss in the competition, with their heaviest defeat (60-28) coming at the hands of Tweed Heads.

Hunters Team : 1 Adex Wera, 
2 Bland Abavu, 
3 Noel  Zeming (C),
 4 Thompson Teteh, 
5 Justin Olam, 
6 Atte Bina,
 7 Watson Boas, 
8 Henry Wan, 
9 Wartovo Puara Jr, 
10 Esau Siune, 
11 Nickson Borana, 
12 Warren Glare, 
13 Brandy Peter, 

14 Stargroth Amean, 
15 Tuvi Lepan, 
16 Enock Maki, 
17 Edward Goma, 
18 Gahuna Sailas (one to be omitted).

Coach: Michael Marum

Sunshine Coast Stadium on Sunday, March 27 – 2.05pm
Referee: Nick Morel
Head-to-Head: PNG 3 Sunshine Coast 1
Twitter: #intrustsupercup #SCFvPNG
Watch Live Stream here : QRL Live Stream

Polye warns against PNG Government's plans for IMF K1billion Loan

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Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has warned against the Government’s plan to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a USD250 Million loan which was revealed today during question time on the floor of parliament.
Mr Polye in a press conference held immediately after the Parliamentary sitting today highlighted that PM Peter O’Neill’s rebuttal to him during question time about the Sovereign bond, and the fact that Prime Minister O’Neill has approached the commercial banks to back the Government on the USD250 million loan to IMF has left a lot of unanswered questions.
A concerned Mr Polye said “IMF coming in has shown that the country is being mismanaged and has raised a lot of questions as to why the Government did not raise the K2.5 billion sovereign bond?, while this is happening the Prime Minister is saying BSP has agreed to support the Government on the loan, he is still to get backing from the two other foreign commercial banks and they have said no because it affects the bank’s portfolio, it diminishes their credit rating and increases debt level and above all it affects the business performance”.
Mr Polye further stated that the no banker or financier would buy PNG bonds and that IMF coming in to assist is a desperate ploy by the Government because it failed to raise the K2.5 billion sovereign bond, and while the PM repeatedly states that the country’s economy is sound he has called on senior civil servants and advisors to be cautious and advise the PM properly and not to water down the current economic situation

Malabag responds to Church run Heath Services budget cut

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By Jacob Marcos-NDOH Journalist

The Ministry of Health and HIV has advised the National Executive Council (NEC) through a submission last week (this week) to review the 2016 Christian Health Service (CHS) Budget as per the Budget Submission against the current appropriation.
“That through the normal readjustments to the 2016 National Budget, the CHS be also considered for possible reinstatement of funding gap of K47.3 million,” Minister Michael Malabag said yesterday.
Hon Malabag said that the budget cut in the 2016 budget has affected the 47 percent of the health care provision by CHS especially in rural areas where the government falls short to reach.
“CHS plays pivotal role in curative health care as well as primary health care before the attainment of independence in 1975 and are continuing to provide quality health care compared to the government health facilities,” he said.
Churches rely heavily on revenues generated from user fees to finance their operations whereas the support by government in terms of CHS grants represents about 30 percent of their total annual budget requirements, he said.
“In 2015 budget scenario was in fact good because the essence in the 2014 budget submission was finally realised in 2015 budget with only K1m difference from the government appropriated K149.0 million to the CHS,” the minister said.
However, the reduced budget by 32 percent this year will have adverse impact on personnel emolument and good and services budgets, he said.
Hon Malabag feared losing half of the NHS staff and people would miss out on services they deserved therefore, he urged his NEC to give priority to the people’s outcry.
“The budget reduction will directly affect the effective implementation of the Free Health Care Policy, a priority sector policy for the government,” he said adding that the negligence to the submission will greatly affect our country.

Twitter's new colourful sticker feature could be its cutest yet

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Twitter is testing out a new feature that lets users add colourful stickers to their photos.

The product, simply named 'Stickers', is being tried out on certain users in order to get their feedback.   

"We're always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive," a spokesperson added.

Twitter says the feature will "suggest photos that you can edit and post to participate in trending conversations and breaking news", as well as letting you "see how other users from around the world have edited the same photo".

Other names considered for the new product include '#stamps', 'Stickits', 'Remix' and 'Portals'.

Both Snapchat and Facebook already allow users to customise their photos, with Facebook letting you add stickers to images and Snapchat enabling you to add emojis to photos and videos.

Meanwhile, Twitter users can also find out what their first tweet was using this hidden feature.


Hundreds turn up for way of the Cross

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Hundreds of Catholic followers living in and around Port Moresby turned up in huge numbers this morning to participate in the way of the cross from the St John Catholic parish at Tokarara to the Don Bosco Technical Institute.
The majority of the people that turned up for the walk were students from all the Catholic schools in the city and all of them had their own reasons for participating in carrying the cross.
17 years old Melissa Vele who joined the crowd from Waigani up to 4 mile said, such is the tradition of Catholics throughout the world and they do this to honour the death of Jesus Christ who died to save mankind from their sins.
“The way of the cross is to remind all of us especially the Catholic Church on what Jesus had to endure on the day that he was crucified and all Christians should take time out to remember the very person that He died for our sins” said Melissa. PNGFM

PM O'Neill mismanaging PNG Economy : Polye

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The Opposition says the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has proven that he has mismanaged the country’s economy amid his last resort to the International Monetary Fund for US$250 million loan.
“We really want to highlight some of the very fundamental facts revealed by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill today (Thursday) at the floor of Parliament that only reflects his mismanagement of the country’s economy,” said the Opposition Leader Don Polye.
Mr Polye said the revelation was US$250 million loan.
He added Mr O’Neill has engaged the government to secure this loan to address the foreign exchange orders that are queuing in the commercial banks.
“There are other international companies which told me that they did not agree with the loan.
“I know why they do not agree because PNG’s credit rating will definitely go down to the minus. It is already in -B rating,” he said.
The Opposition Leader said that also meant the country had a debt level as high as 70 per cent.
He further said consequently the country would be struggling to repay the loans.
“That is why the commercial banks are saying they will oppose this.
“It is not because the loan is coming from IMF. IMF comes in to bail us from our government-induced cash flow problem as it our last resort,” he said.
Polye said the Prime Minister could not blame the downturn of commodity prices as he got a very bad K3 billion UBS loan, which has worsened the economic situation in the country.
“The most important aspect to take note of is the issuance of K2.5 billion Sovereign Bond.
“It has failed to attract financiers as the markets have lost confidence in the government. They cannot lend money to PNG through the issuance of the bond,” he said.

Commercial Banks lost confidence in PNG Government : Polye

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Commercial Banks in PNG lost confidence in  Government : Prime Minister Peter O'Neill resorts to International Monetary Funds for US$250 million Loan

The commercial banks in the country have lost appetite for the government’s treasury bills to raise revenues to meet its expenditures, the Opposition Leader Don Polye said.

And Mr Polye said the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had resorted to US$250 million loan from the International Monetary Fund to address the back log of foreign exchange orders in the Central Bank for imports.

He added that the Prime Minister turned to the bank after the government’s debut in issuing K2.5 billion sovereign bond did not attract other banks in the international stock market due to its ‘appalling economic profile.’

“Last week the government was trying to raise about K330 million through the treasury bills, but it only raised K201 million. That means the local market has lost appetite.

The Government has failed to raise about K1 billion so far because there is no money coming into the country for the government to meet its basic expenditure like health and education, and other essential services,” he said.

He further said there was no guarantee for the government to repay their loans.

“About K4 billion, which would have been flowing into the country from the sales of LNG, has been mortgaged to an Escrow account in Singapore to service the UBS loan.

“The downturn in commodity prices has exacerbated the situation,” he said.

Polye has queried what the government could do next, saying a solution has to be provided.

“So here the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has resorted to IMF unless the situation improves due to other factors.

Mr Polye said he sees IMF as the last resort where a country comes to a situation where banks have lost confidence, the concessional loans from ADB or other regional banks and development partners who have given money through the multilateral or bilateral relationships.

He added, however, that country still has problems as it cannot alleviate its given economic condition, then is becomes a concern to that economy.

Polye said PNG is no exception.

“If the government has not borrowed that loan, we would have seen that money coming in to cushion the downturn in commodity prices or cash flow problem we are facing today.

“As a result of that very bad decision to get a very bad loan to mingle with an economic oil prices in the market today is eroding the cash flow,” said a well-versed Polye.

Meanwhile, he has commended IMF for the loan as they have better strategies for the country on how to create a sustainable economy and sound economy.

“Other countries may not see that important role which IMF plays. Sometimes leaders of other economies may say they are interfering into their domestic affairs.

“But I am one of them, who believe international organisations which have fine set ups so that nations like PNG can be linked to or guided,” he said.


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