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Pato explains Dual Citizenship Bill

People with real connections to PNG but who presently hold citizenship in other countries can now become PNG citizens without losing their foreign citizenship.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Rimbink Pato said the recent passing of the Dual Citizenship Bill in Parliament concerns the consequential amendments made to the Constitution and the Citizenship Act, which will enable the grant of dual citizenship to persons qualified under the criteria set out by these amendments.

"Let me at the outset commend the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority, the agency taking the lead in this, for the work they have done so far to bring these amendments to the Constitution and the Citizenship Act to enable the process of dual citizenship in the country to come to fruition,” said Pato.

"As PNG becomes more globalised, Papua New Guineans are now living and working abroad with some that have even acquired foreign citizenship in those countries. These changes will now give the opportunity to them to regain their PNG citizenship, reconnect to their roots and contribute back to PNG as their country of origin.”

Minister Pato said the dual citizenship law will ease some of the stringent requirements for citizenship in the Constitution which prevent those who were initially PNG citizens by descent, or those that are married to PNG citizens, to become PNG citizens as well.

For example, previously a person must live in the country for at least eight years before they can be qualified to become a naturalised citizen. Spouses of PNG citizens also face the same obstacles. Whilst there will be a stringent application process to prevent risk of scam marriages or "marriage for convenience” for foreigners obtaining PNG citizenship, proper checks and controls will be put in place to enable genuine marriages where spouses of PNG citizens can contribute to the development of this country. Press Release

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