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The hope of justice for beautiful PNG

By Peter Solo Kinjap

“The PNG Police Commissioner’s actions and media release has the fingerprints of the Prime Minister all over. The importation of the words used by the Prime Minister and the way they are effected by the Commissioner echo the PM’s voice,” – John Steward.
It is now a public knowledge and every good thinking Papua New Guineans are well-aware that the PM is using the PC in perverting the cause of natural justice in a beautiful country like Papua New Guinea. But we can’t do anything – not even the military you would ever think of.

It’s a situation where the cage of wild cats has opened widely and the mice are taking cover all-over. True believers of democracy like our next-door friend Australia could not even step up with any single comment. What more is there to fight when corruption and manipulation of state institutions are worse at its best in this country in a bright daylight under our noise?    
If it was a gun-battle war against any tribe or nation, I am sure Papua New Guineans will raise their hands to fight and fight like hell.

The war against corruption is more than a gun-battle war and it has taken its toll whereby our front-liners Damaru-Koim team is striped off their shields, arms and bullets; being exhausted and worn out. It has come to a time when evil has supersede the powers of righteous for a “moment” – let the evil laugh away and celebrate the suffocation, suppression and perverting the cause of justice in a small enclosed area for a moment. When the justice took its stand, will walk right straight into the heart of hide-away of the evil dweller corners, reveal every secrets and ill –plans. When justice is finally restored, celebrations will be seen in every cities and villages throughout the country – the mass 8miilion plus souls will celebrate to infinity – with the babies give cry of joy, children will clap and jump, fathers and mothers will smile with hope, old will mumble with tears.

The time will come when justice will stand tall with no fear and peace roam the air waves of the beautiful Nuigini Island – the only country on the planet earth beautified with the unique dances, fumes, colors and rareness of the Bird of Paradise – it meant to be the Island of Paradise with the Bird of Paradise – the national crest and emblem is not by mistake. I love you Papua New Guinea – God bless you!      

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