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PNG Power announces shut down exercises

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) has announced   that there will be a power shutdown plan for the nation’s capital, Central Province and surrounding areas.

According to a statement, the electricity provider said the Kanudi Hanjung power station which is a privately owned diesel power station which supply 24 Megawatts of power into Port Moresby Grid would be temporally shutdown to allow for their engineers to do a major upgrade on the two diesel generators’ system control. This task would be carried out for approximately two weeks.

The planned shutdown will commence on the April 27 and the two machines will be restored on May 11, 2016.

PPL says there will be a generation shortfall experienced in Port Moresby. The long dry weather season has also affected generation.

It stated that load shedding would be carried out during the two weeks period.

PPL advised its customers with standby generators  to use them during this period.

PPL can be contacted of its  call centre on mobile numbers 7090 8000 / 7653 5261 / 7653 5272 or email callcentre@pngpower.com.pg.

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