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Digicel Play Broadcasts First Rugby League Test Throughout the Pacific Islands

Digicel Play’s local production experts delivered the organisation’s first ever live broadcast of a Pacific Rugby League test match when TVWAN aired the Fiji versus Samoa test match throughout PNG and across all Pacific nations last Saturday (October 8).

The historic test between Fiji Bati and Toa Samoa was played in Samoa, representing the first full international Rugby League test match to be played in the Pacific Islands. It also celebrated the 30th anniversary of Rugby League Samoa.

A local PNG TVWAN production team was there to cover all the angles and make sure the whole of the Pacific saw every minute. International broadcasters, Fox Sports in Australia and Sky NZ in New Zealand, took over TVWAN’s signal to broadcast it to their local audiences.
Digicel Play CEO, Nico Meyer, said this was a major milestone for broadcasting in PNG and for TVWAN, whose production crew helped make history.
“This international broadcast across Oceania illustrated the skills developed by our production teams here in PNG,” he said.
“Digicel Play is very proud to invest in the production of this important game, ensuring it is shared with millions of people. We also continue to invest in growing the local resources and skills to bring more sport, education, business news and entertainment to all of PNG.”

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