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Solomons Maritime Police officers awarded with Certificates on Corrosion Prevention Course

Officers from the Maritime Police Department of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force have been awarded with certificates on 3rd November 2016, following completion of an ‘In-Country Corrosion Prevention Course’.  The week long course was conducted between 25th and 29th September 2016 at Aola Patrol Boat Base in Honiara.

The certificates were presented by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Operations, Madam Gwen Ratu, at the Aola base shortly after her muster with Maritime Police officers.

Lieutenant Commander Craig Blakey, Maritime Surveillance Adviser to RSIPF Maritime Police said, “The In-country Corrosion Prevention Course (ICC) is primarily a practical course to provide the trainees with the knowledge and skills to implement efficient corrosion prevention, protection and control procedures utilising available in-country resources.  The content is aimed to be nonspecific regarding the level of trainee to include senior officers, seaman, engineers and base workshop maintenance staff. A mix of practical sessions assists with applying theory content for quality learning"
Lcdr. Blakey said, “The training was organised, funded and supported by the Defence Cooperation Program (DCP) under the long standing commitment by the Australian Defence Force in support of the Pacific Patrol Boat Program. The internationally recognised training facility, Australian Maritime College Search (AMCS), deployed an instructor to Honiara to provide the training locally.”
He further stated, “This approach maximises the audience available to the training whilst most importantly minimises the burden placed on Police manning as we understand; the RSIPF have a large Policing task at hand and every Officer plays a crucial part. The approach also helps to identify to the course participants that the in-country resources available to them are sufficient to the task”.
Director Maritime Department, Inspector Michael Moali indicated appreciation of the training, which enhances the capacity development of officers under his command and he acknowledged the presence of ACP Madam Gwen Ratu for her attendance at  this important occasion.

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