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Lupari applauds govt's implementation of free education

Chief Secretary to Government, Ambassador Isaac Lupari, CBE, has applauded the government’s implementation of free education throughout Papua New Guinea.

In his address to the students from all the schools in Wabag Town, Enga Province, the Chief Secretary expressed his appreciation to the O’Neill-Dion Government for the free education policy.
“As the Chief Secretary to Government, I take this opportunity, on behalf of all the public servants, to thank the government for taking the burden of paying school fees from parents, by implementing the tuition fee free policy, throughout the nation,” Amb. Lupari said.

He further thanked the Governor of Enga Province for his innovative initiative of investing in free education in his province, long before this government was formed.
“Sir Peter Ipatas is the champion of the free education policy, initiated in Enga Province, and was adopted by the O’Neill-Dion Government, formulating one of the key policies in the Alotau Accord.
He said if it wasn’t for Sir Peter Ipatas, the government may have never adopted and implemented the free education policy, which would only burden parents.

“I encourage all you privileged students, gathered here today, to take advantage of this government policy and become better citizens of this country,” Amb. Lupari said.
He said I am confident each one of you has the potential to progress to a better future and with the free education policy in place, you stand to benefit more from it.

“One day one of you students seated here will become the Chief Secretary to Government, a pilot, a doctor or even the prime minister of this country and I look forward to that day,” Amb. Lupari said.
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