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Aiyura School of Excellence receives timely gift

 Aiyura School of Excellence (ASE), formerly Aiyura National High School received a new 25-seater bus early this month from Petroleum Resources Gobe (PRG) and Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC).

The donated bus will ensure the 600-plus students attending the school are transported safely to their respective provinces when the school’s academic year closes.

Aiyura School of Excellence receives timely gift
Aiyura School of Excellence receives timely gift

The School of Excellence, in Eastern Highlands province, currently enrolls 40 students from Gobe, in Grades 11 and 12.

Mathew Sisimolu, Chairman of PRG said PRG’s focus is on supporting education.

“Investing in education has always been one of our key focus areas and while PRG continues to support our students’ access quality education, the company is committed to continue supporting our education institutions with impact projects that will add value to our students’ education,” said Mr Sisimolu.

Since last year, with the support of MRDC, PRG has signed an agreement with ASE paving the way for successful students at Gobe Agro High School, who meet the required marks to continue their secondary education at Aiyura School of Excellence.

“This relationship is vital as it supports our focus in developing the human resource of Gobe and we will continue to support the school.”

Karl Puluma, Principal of Aiyura School of Excellence welcomed the donation of the bus by PRG.

Mr Puluma said the bus will be used to repatriate students back to their homes at the end of school year, and will also be used to support the school’s operations next year.

“The board, management and students of ASE are thankful to PRG & MRDC for this kind gesture.

The bus will not only benefit the Gobe students but all students from all over PNG that enrolls at Aiyura School of Excellence,” said Mr Puluma.

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