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TPA to invest in infrastructure and products

The Tourism Promotion Authority chief executive officer, Jerry Agus, says they are looking to invest heavily in infrastructure and product development next year.

This has been made possible through the increase in TPA’s public investment program budget, thanks to the National Government.

He says there is a lot of tourism potential out in the provinces and districts, which TPA has identified. However, the Authority needs to work closely with the provincial governments and the local communities to development these products to meet international standards.

PNG is not a mass tourism destination where tourists sit on the beach, sunbathe and enjoy piña colada. It is an adventure destination offering niche products like diving, fishing, surfing, trekking and culture, among others, and that’s what National Geographic has recognised.

Agus thanked PNG TPA’s destination marketing representatives in our primary markets of Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Europe and North America, for their commitment to promoting PNG to the world.

He also thanked the tourism industry members for their unwavering support and commitment to promote PNG.
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