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90 percent of PNG population have access to Mobile Phone services

ABOUT 90 per cent of the Papua New Guineans have access to mobile cellular communication, according to the country's  Minister for Information and Communication Technology Jimmy Miringtoro.

Miringtoro, credited this to initiatives by the private and public sector as progressive technological advancement.
“The Government of Papua New Guinea is doing its part in accelerating the deployment of broadband communications services and applications in Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“Currently, approximately 90 per cent of the national population has access to mobile cellular communications.

“This remarkable achievement reflects the success market and regulatory reforms, technological innovation, public private cooperation and a commitment on the part of the Government and major stakeholders.”

Miringtoro noted the low population percentage that had internet access.
“I acknowledge however that in so far as broadband is concerned significant challenges remain ahead of our government with the current penetration at 10 per cent,” he said.
“It is however an insurmountable task. We can bridge the digital divide and connect the remaining citizens in Papua New Guinea.

“The futures of our nations are inextricably intertwined. So it is paramount that we work together to move all countries and all people into the digital economy.
“In a globalised world, we have a responsibility and an incentive to help each other succeed.”
He said it was a positive result for government’s part in the sector. The National/PNG Today
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