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From Vanuatu to Los Angeles, cast & crew of Tanna prepare to head to the Oscars

It's a long way from Vanuatu to the red carpet of the Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

But a special group of people are preparing to make the long trip from a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean to the United States and create a small piece of movie history.

They're part of the cast and crew of the movie "Tanna" which has been nominated for an Oscar.

The Australian-produced movie was filmed in Vanuatu using local people speaking their own language, and none of them had ever acted before.

The film’s Cultural Director, Jimmy Joseph Nako says his tribesmen are excited but they didn't comprehend just how big a deal an Oscar nomination is.

“I think we will win the Oscars. It’s what I am aiming for. And if we win it, it will be the greatest achievement in my life. I will be so proud and dance to the air. It will be my custom dance and to lose it. I will still be proud of myself for attending the Oscars, Nako said in an interview with Pacific Beat.

'Tanna' is one of five films nominated for the Oscars Best Foreign Language category.      

The Oscars will be held in Los Angeles on February 26,2017.

Source: Radio Australia
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