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Millions to fight AIDS in PNG

Papua New Guinea will receive close to two hundred and three million kina as funding in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the country.
This funding will go towards helping the National Department of Health's efforts to roll out HIV testing, developing site-level strategies to address Gender Based Violence and support for improved data collection.

In a statement from the US embassy,the US governments centre for diease control and the agency for international development will be leading a delegation to Bangkok for the country operationa plan,or corp review meeting.
The two organisations will present the corp for funding under the US Governments 2018 to 2019 presidents emergency plan for Aids relief .

Head of US E,bassy cdc offers Stephen Tarauperika said the meeting will give them an opportunity to draw from th expertise and experience of the specialists in that area.Partners fron PNG accompanyinhg th e team include those from NDOH,WHO and UN AIDS amongst others.
The three day regional meeting to begin today, will see 28 representatives reviewing and approving the COP action plan that contains specific HIV program activities and deliverables for each country.
NBC News
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