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PNG Opposition decries loss of voting rights in UN General Assembly

Papua New Guinea Opposition leader, Don Polye, said it's a disgrace that Papua New Guinea has lost its voting rights in the United Nations General Assembly because the Government did not pay its membership contributions.

Speaking at the NBC Press Club in Port Moresby last night, Mr. Polye said the whole situation is a shame for Papua New Guinea on the global scale.

The Government has said the delay in the payment of over 400-thousand Kina membership contribution to the United Nations is an administrate issue and is being resolved.

"The United Nations is a big global body.

The World's nations meet to get a trade agreement, great peace and define and free development.Three weeks ago, on February the 2nd, the United Nations general assembly voted to suspend Papua New Guinea's right to vote in the general assembly.

We are one of the 6 nations been suspended. Others like Libya, Sudan could not pay because of continuous civil war.

Is Papua New Guinea in civil war,? it’s a disgrace, it’s a shame," Mr Polye Said.

NBC News
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