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Social media a powerful tool of communication in PNG

Social Media as a means of connection is on the rise in secondary schools in Papua New Guinea, says  Don Bosco Technical Schools  director Fr Ambrose Pereira.

He added that the ‘digital natives’ who belong to the ‘Net Generation’ are fully immersed in this powerful tool of communication.

“Born into a world of digital media, our students are unable to imagine a world devoid of social connections and networking.  Social media is making inroads into all fields and education is no exception.

Our students are able to research, complete assignments, request peer help and gain deeper insights into what they have been taught in class,” said Fr Ambrose.

However, this latest wave into the world of social media is not without is limits and dangers.  Innocent and inexperienced they are gradually lured into sites that are harmful and dangerous.

They are invited to open up pages that are morally and spiritually destructive.  While some parents are able to control and monitor the use of the digital media the majority are unable to guide their offspring in the right use of social media. Post Courier/ PNG Today
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