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Assaults, threats on Asian Shop owners in PNG a concern

Continuous assaulting and threatening of Asian shop operators in PNG is a concern. A security guard David Kunini said this after PNG authorities  attacked Asian Shop owners at Gordon in Port Moresby.

He  said some authorities working under PNG Customs and those claiming to be them had been going into the shops and threatening the owners  and getting whatever they wanted.

He said this was happening for a long time now and nothing was being done until an incident on Monday when a Customs officer was arrested by police for hitting and swearing at a branch manager in a Chinese shop.
“I have been looking after the stream of shops at Gordon for a long time and I have seen the attitude of our countrymen working for Customs and others,” Kunini said.
“When they come in groups they have respect, but when they are by themselves under the influence of alcohol, they say they are Customs officers, promoting themselves inside and fight and swear at the Chinese.”
National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi urged all shop owners to stand strong when threatened or always report the matter to the police.
“Whoever comes and threatens you, you have to stand strong and do things properly to see if they are being sent or they are just officers who wanted to come and extort you to get money,” Turi said.
“Immigration and Labour Department police like to pick on the Chinese or any Asian owning shops in the country.” The National/PNG Today
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