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Minister confirms coffee berry borer presence in PNG

The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Tommy Tomscol has reconfirmed reports that Coffee Berry Borer, a serious coffee pest capable of doing massive destruction to the coffee industry is now present in the country.

He said the pest was first sighted in Banz, Jiwaka province and was reported to Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) last month in which two tests have been conducted by CIC and confirmed the existence of the pest in the country.
Minister Tomscol said the pest is known to be in existence on the Indonesian side of the border and authorities have kept surveillance on the pest for a very long time, but it obviously escape surveillance and now it’s in the country.

The Minister further stated that highlands provinces that have their coffee damaged by Coffee Berry Borer are now under quarantine.
He said trade and movement of coffee beans are subject to inspection and cannot be transport into areas outside restriction without certification.
It is understood quarantine posts are being set up along the highways and traveling public and transportation vehicles will be subject to quarantine search. PNGFM/PNG Today
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