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Minister Abel urges striking PNG Telecommunication Workers to talk

PNG Telecommunication Workers Union and general Telikom PNG staff are being urged to talk things through instead of withdrawing services which might affect people.

Telecommunications workers and government are there to serve the people's interests and such actions taken by the Union should be the last resort.

Acting Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investments Charles Abel, said this in regards to the recent stop work action taken by the Telecommunication Workers Union.
“But of course we are sensitive to the needs of the workers and we want to work with them, in which we need that genuine spirit of cooperation, and that is what this government is all about and as a minister that is what I am all about, I am always open for a matter of talking things through.
Taking assertive strike action or withdrawing services is the last resort.
You do that when you have exhausted all means possible, including sitting down with the minister and talking things through.

That is what we do in the spirit of cooperation because at the end of the day we must be sensitive to the needs of the public.
We are here as a government, and government companies in the interest of Papua New Guineans, not to here to beat our chest and make it all about us.
If we stop services to our people, it harms our people and it harms the very companies we are supposed represent as well,” Mr Abel said.
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