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Slight decline in Tonga’s population

Tonga’s population has for the first time recorded a slight decline from the provisional results of the 2016 census compared to that in 2011.

Government’s Statistician Viliami Fifita says the 2016 census showed a decline of more than 2,000 people compared to the 2011 population census.

Radio Tonga reports in the 2011 census, the population was more than 103,000 people but 2016 only recorded 107,000 people.

2016 population census also recorded more females than males, with 50,400 females and 50,300, a difference of 121.

Fifita says the difference is attributed mainly to migration, especially men who are on overseas work assignments particularly those on the seasonal work scheme in either New Zealand or Australia during the last population census, 2016.

There’s also a minor decline in the number of households with a drop of 17 when compared to the 2011 figures.

This is the first preliminary count published to the public following the Population Census of November 30th 2016.

Source: Radio Tonga
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