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PNC led government has transformed Papua New Guinea : O'Neill

PNG Prime  Minister Peter O’Neill has said that his  PNC-led Government has delivered more than any other Government in its five years in Parliament.

"Without any doubt, PNC has transformed the nation."

"Those who don’t want to see it don’t want to say so, those that see it can be comfortable in saying that we have worked very hard to contribute and develop the nation," he said.

"In accordance with the Alotau Accord developed in 2012, a government in formation was able to set core policies that we promised the nation that this is what we have to do over the next five years," he added.

"Today I can report that we have been able to deliver that in a sincere manner and expectations of the people."

The Prime Minister was speaking during the NRI Party Presentation yesterday morning.

He presented the PNC party policies, which included:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Public Housing
  • Public Service Reform
  • Taxation Reform
  • APEC

He reiterated his party’s stand in ensuring Papua New Guineans receive the best education and health care, but also reformed the public housing and public service and taxation in the country. Post Courier/PNG Today
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