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PNG's Flag designer Huhume dies

Papua New Guinea's  flag designer Susan Karike Huhume has died in hospital. This was declared by her eldest son Philip Huhume at 2:05 to the media today.

Family of the late Mrs. Huhume are devastated after several attempts were made through the media to give recognition for her contribution to the country and to assist the family in flying her overseas to get the medical help she needed.

They are currently protesting outside the Port Moresby General Hospital for the government to intervene before further arrangements are done.

Late Mrs Huhume was born on 7 May 1953. She is survived by her three sons Philip, Justin and Joseph and her husband Nanny Huhume. She is from Meii Village, Gulf Province, succumbed to an illness after she was admitted last week at the ICU.
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