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Graham when elected to push for Tax increase in sugary food

A candidate contesting the National Capital District Regional Seat, says if he is voted in, he will ask Parliament's approval to increase the tax on processed food products which have a high sugar level.
Jamie Maxtone Graham outlined this among his campaign policies today.
Mr Graham says a lot of Papua New Guinean's are dying of lifestyle disease at an early age, because of what they are consuming.

He says most processed food and drinks contain a lot of sugar which helps develop diseases, killing many people who are still in their prime.
The former Health Minister who is still involved in sports as a rugby touch player says, his submission will not to ban sugar completely, but to impose a higher tax on foodstuff which contain a high
Jamie Maxtone Graham says he will also provide proper avenues for the betelnut trade to control the rubbish associated with it.
Mr Graham is contesting as an independent candidate. NBC News
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