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Mobile Internet data consumption remains high in PNG, report says

MOBILE data consumption remains very high although the people are experiencing economic challenges, according to the PNG Business Council first quarter business report.
“The other interesting one is, the mobile data just keeps on increasing,” executive director Douveri Henao said.
He said people continued to buy flex cards.
“For example, the Telikom 4G, it’s just growing. And we are all quite fascinated by the fact that people can choose that as opposed to food. That’s an interesting trend,” he said.
Henao also noted that there had been an increase in bank transactions.
“And if you look at the Eftpos and the ATM transactions, which we grabbed from the banks, again this is an interesting observation. There has been an increase in transactions (compared to) the first quarter of 2016,” Henao said.
He said Eftpos and ATM transactions had increased compared to the first quarter last year. Personal loans have also increased.
Similar increases were seen in the superannuation sector with new customers from the various agricultural belts.
Retail sector in the fresh produce, hardware and consumables have been flat – for the third consecutive year. However, he said an increased shift in informal and small to medium enterprises suppliers and an increase in local produce were apparent....read more on >> PNG Technology News
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