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PNG Elections: Northern Governor Juffa questions electoral roll figures

Serious concerns regarding suspected inflation of electoral roll figures has been raised in the Northern Province.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa recently claimed that in some parts of the country, the number of eligible voters is high, while in other electorates, the number is less.

“Higaturu LLG in 2012 had 21,000 voters, today they have 43,000, where did the extra 20,000 come from?
I heard Kokoda LLG, voter population in 2012 was 13,000, today it is 10,000, where did the 3,000 disappear to?

Now election nominal increases should be at 3%from the last election to now.
And that is not the case in these instances.
If there are anomilies we would like to know,” Mr Juffa said.
Attempts to get comments from the Electoral Commission were unsuccessful. NBC News
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