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PM O’Neill: Road Infrastructure is Key to PNG's Economic Development

The Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill  said the past years has delivered dramatic infrastructure change in the country, and the next five years of a PNC-led Government will deliver a new-era of National growth.
PM O’Neill was speaking with the people of Wiabo in the Obura Wanenara District of Goroka today, where he committed to continue road construction in the province.
“In only five years we have delivered to our promises on our simple policies, which you have seen all around you,” the Prime Minister said.
“Give us another five years and you will see this country transform.
“Road infrastructure is the key to economic development and has been our Government’s priority in ensuring rural population have access to better services.
“Road infrastructure is essential for the delivery of healthcare and education, so that services reach rural communities easily and on time.
“We will further continue funding for more classrooms and make sure educational materials reach the schools.”
The Prime Minister was campaigning with Obura Wanenara candidate, John Boito, where he urged the people to vote for Mr. Boito so that he can continue building road infrastructure.
“There has been so much negativity during this campaign from the opposition, they have made wild accusations, but action speaks louder than words and this has been demonstrated in the last five years.”
Village leaders in Wiabo applauded the commitments from the Prime Minister and Mr. Boito after so many past decades of being neglected.
“In five years we have delivered proper classrooms, and your children going to school.
“Before we came to Government, this was just a dream.
“Free education will continue under a PNC-led Government, but it would be cancelled if the Opposition had a chance to form Government.
“The benefits of free education are clear for your children, particularly families in villages with parents who could not afford school fees.
“Our Government will keep your kids in school so they can have better lives as they grow into adults.”
The Prime Minister was accompanied by PNC candidates including, Governor Julie Soso, Minister Nick Kuman and Minister Benny Allan.
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