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Lupari cautions The National Newspaper for falsifying information

The Chief Secretary to Government, Amb. Isaac Lupari CBE, has cautioned editors to not politicise public servants in coverage of the upcoming elections, and to check their facts before going to print.
“Today, the National newspaper has published an inaccurate and very misleading story under the headline: Civil servants’ ‘role is to back PM,’” the Chief Secretary said.
"This headline is misleading with a fake quote that was never made.
"The Prime Minister, Ministers and the Opposition Leader remain in their positions until the next Parliament convenes, and still maintain support from administrative staff and police.
“Elected Leaders still have designated authority to carry out their mandated function and this should not be interrupted.
"Is the National suggesting that the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader should not have security during the election period? That is absurd.
"This is the established procedure for all elections past, and is in line with Commonwealth standards in the conduct of elections.
"The National further stated that it is ‘understood,' as in a rumour, that the Prime Minister travels with 10 protocol officers and uses the official Falcon jet to travel election functions.
"This is absolute rubbish and if the National had cared to check facts this would have been clear.
"Public Servants carry out their official duties for the Prime Minister, Ministers and the Opposition Leader, and do not have any involvement with politics.
"In a world where social media rumour is in abundance, the people look to established media to set high standards, to report fact and to cross-check those facts before going to print.
“The National must retract this story and apologise to their readers."
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