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PNG Elections: Fairweather slams Micah’s views on APEC

People’s Progress Party deputy leader Ken Fairweather has told party leader Ben Micah to “shut up”, stop his negative publicity on APEC and concentrate on retaining, his Kavieng Open seat.

The Member for Sumkar, who is campaigning to retain his seat under PPP, said from Sumkar electorate yesterday that the party leader, Micah, should seek party members’ views before mouthing off.

A businessman in his own right, Mr Fairweather said yesterday that PNG needs to stimulate its economy by spending on capital works until such time money from the PNG LNG Project flows in.

“Those are his views, not from all of us,” Mr Fairweather said.

“APEC – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Summit – is good because it keeps construction, industry, labour force at work in slow economic times, and people have money. How’s Micah going to give small people money? We must keep spending,” he said.

“We need to stimulate our economy more by spending on capital works until the big money from the PNG LNG Project flows in four years.

“That is why I am a big supporter of DSIP, as it stimulates the districts when times are tough. Members cannot deny that DSIP has stimulated the districts, it has for my electorate; let’s be fair and give credit where it’s due,” he said.

“It is also good too, for international relationships. We seem good at these meetings and celebrating is part of our culture.

“I can’t get info on candidates. But Micah is being stupid rubbishing Prime Minister, talking about APEC. I think it is a good thing. He should seek members’ view before mouthing off.

“Like I always say, people in glass houses should not throw stones. I disagree with Micah on APEC. I reckon it’s a good thing, and he should have consulted us as party members before going out publicly in the media,” he said.

Asked if he has spoken to Mr Micah, Mr Fairweather said: “I try, he doesn’t listen!”

Meanwhile, Mr Micah responded to Mr Fairweather’s statement, saying that he was apologetic that he did not consult him and other members of the party to advise of this decision and that of others.

“I don’t want to pick a fight with my deputy, I just want to apologise to him and the other members. It has been very difficult to consult them when on election runs, but I must advise this has been the decision of the PPP election steering committee four weeks ago,” Micah said. Post Courier/ PNG Today
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