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Sir Mekere to revive Task Force Sweep Team

Former PNG  prime minister and independent candidate for Moresby North-west, Sir Mekere Morauta, has undertaken to help restore the processes and machinery of good governance, transparency and accountability if elected in this election.

Sir Mekere promised to do this by re-instating the Peter O’Neill government abolished investigative Task Force Sweep team and properly fund all state law enforcing agencies including the Police Fraud Squad, Ombudsman Commission, Office of the Auditor General and State Solicitor’s office.

He noted that these institutions are mandated by the PNG Constitution to uphold the rule of law as well as strict adherence to processes and procedures, but unfortunately the government has denied them of sufficient funding to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Sir Mekere cited the non-funding and eventual disbanding of task force sweep, headed by Sam Koim which did extremely well to investigate and prosecute a number of high profile cases was a classic example.

He said this last Saturday when speaking to university students who had invited Sir Mekere to address them at Nature Park.

Sir Mekere re-iterated to the students his stance on taking tough action to help fight corruption, which is an essential elements of returning PNG to good country.

He said when in government he would endeavour to take tough action on corruption to improving governance, respecting and enforcing the laws which are fundamental first steps by among others:

Reinstating Task Force Sweep and resource it to investigate corruption throughout the public sector, including known cases, without any interference;
Widenning the Proceeds of Crime legislation to allow prosecution of all parties involved – givers and takers;
Strengthening and adequately fund the Police so that the Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate can carry out its investigations properly, without political interference;
Adequately funding the Auditor General, the Ombudsman Commission, the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Police Prosecutor;
Increasing funding to allow the Judiciary to appoint special judges to hear corruption cases expeditiously; and
Tabling the reports and recommendations of Commissions of Inquiry, including into SABLs and the Finance Department, and act on them.
Student speakers applauded the on-going awareness and tough stance against corruption by Sir Mekere calling for PNG-wide support to against the unprecedented level of corruption the country is currently experiencing.

The students pledge their full support to Sir Mekere on his stance against and urged voters nationwide not to vote for corrupt leaders and/or those associated with such individuals and groups. Source: Sunday Chronicle/PNG Today
Caption: Some university with Sir Mekere Morauta.
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