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PPP to create 22 PNG Parliament seats for women

Party leader Ben Micah said this opportunity will give the chance for women to rise up and face the challenge in the male dominated Parliament.

In an interview with this paper, Mr Micah said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has failed to act on a proposal submitted by the National Council of Women in 2011, and added that he will get the proposal under way if they form the next government.

He said to have more women in Parliament is worth to contribute ideas to nation building.

“Look at Scandinavian countries like Norway, Demark, Swedan and Finland, they have women prime ministers and women presidents; they are the countries with highest living standards,” Micah said while giving comparisons for countries that had their women rise to top levels.

“We will create a commission for women that will look at how we can remove the obstacles and impediments to prevent women from rising,” he said.

“And one way is to establish women seats so our women participate at the national level.

“We will create 22 special seats for women in the 20 provinces, National Capital District and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.”

He said there is a provision in place for additional seats and he will amend the Constitution and in place number of seats for women and also increase number of electorates which is an overdue agenda not acted upon by previous governments.

He said the women’s seats would be contested in 2022 and 2027. Sunday Chronicle
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