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PNC leads in 12 declarations made so far

The ruling Peoples National Congress Party is leading with 6 members  after 12 declarations so far.

1. James Marape (PNC) - Tari-Pori Open (Sun 9th July)
2. Justin Tkatchenko (PNC) - Moresby South Open (Wed 12th July)
3. Dr. Allan Marat (MLP) - Rabaul Open (Fri 14th July)
4. Peter O'Neill (PNC) - Ialibu-Pangia Open (Sat 15th July)
5. Walter Schnaubelt (NA) - Namatanai Open (Sat 15th July)
6. Petrus Nane Thomas (Ind) - Koroba-Lake Kopiago Open (Sun 16th July)
7. Koni Iguan (PANGU) - Markham Open (Sun 16th July)
8. Sam Basil (PANGU) - Bulolo Open (Sun 16th July)
9. Job Pomat (PNC) - Manus Open (Sun 16th July)
10. Charlie Benjamin (PNC) - Manus Regional (Sun 16th July)
11. Timothy Masiu (NA) - South Bougainville Open (Mon 17th July)
12. Steven Davis (PNC) - Esa 'ala Open (Mon 17th July)
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