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Sir Michael Somare urges newly elected candidates to put PNG first

Newly elected candidates in this year's National Election, have been urged to put the country's interest first when it comes to the formation of a new government.

Outgoing East Sepik Governor and Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare said this when appealing to winning independent candidates to put their people and electorates first, when deciding which party or side to join to form the next government.

Sir Micheal said the people have spoken and entrusted these candidates to represent their interests in the next five 
years,therefore they should consult their constituents before deciding on which side to team up with and not do things on their own accord.
He also added that the country is not in a good state and needs good leadership that can restore our state institutions, take hard decisions to stop the borrowing, focus on empowering all our provinces so they can in turn increase their contributions to the national purse.

Therefore our newly elected leaders must team up with strong and ethical leaders in the next parliament to steer this country away from the current path it is on.
Sir Micheal also said we cannot to afford to lament about what had happened, but look forward to our newly elected representatives to choose wisely in the formation of a new government , so we can start off on the right footing for the next five years .

He also took time to congratulate those who had already been declared and those who will soon be declared in their respective electorates.
NBC News/ PNG Today 
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