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Newly elected Koroba-Kopiago MP Petrus Thomas to join team that forms the next government

Member elect for Koroba Kopiago, Petrus Thomas maintains that he is still an independent candidate but is willing to join the team that forms the new government.

Mr Thomas said he will join government for the sake of his people who have given him the mandate to be their elected leader.
He made these comments at the return of his electorate writ today.

“I stood as an independant candidate and I remain as an independant candidate,
I will stay as an independant candidate and I monitor the formation of government.

and should I see a possible party that can form the government, It is my peoples choice that I must be in the government, and when I see a party that has the majority I will join that party to form the next government, because my people want services to be delivered to them in five years”,he said. NBC/PNG Today
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