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PNG Election: Two dead in Kundiawa Election Violence

Two people are reportedly dead and two cars burnt along with a store in Kundiawa in fresh election-related violence in the Chimbu province town today.

Violence broke out when a named candidate contesting the Kundiawa Gembogl Open Seat allegedly led a convoy into town this morning.
When the convoy reached the BSP Bank shots were fired which triggered more violence.

According to eyewitnesses the shots fired from those who came in the convoy provoked the bystanders to attack them.
The two cars burnt - one five door landcruiser and another light truck reported to be part of the convoy.

At this stage, no official source from the police have come out clear on the melee that led to the lock down of the town.
But Ignatius Nime a candidate contesting the Kundiawa Gembogl Open Seat confirmed the incident after a meeting with the Provincial Police Commander of Chimbu this afternoon.

"Em laik hijackim system na process na kainkain samting, mekim go na nau em hard nau em laik usim force na em kisim ol kar na ol lain blong em na ol kisim gun na stik, ston na kainkain samting ikam long taun na em go narapla kain olgeta, yumi no inap understadim. Why is he doing this? He should let the counting proceed and so why don't we let the counting go through and see who the winner is."
The situation is tense at the moment with counting for the Provincial and the Kundiawa Gembogl seats suspended today.
NBC News/PNG Today :
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