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Sir Michael appeals for both Alotau and Kokopo Political camps to put PNG first

The country's founding Prime Minister Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare has made a personal plea to the elected members of Parliament to put the country's interest first ahead of their own.
The Grand Chief's call comes as MPs head into political camps in Kokopo and Alotau in the lead up to the formation of government.

Sir Michael acknowledged that there are quality leaders in the Alotau and Kokopo camps and they should all come together and discuss how best they can run the country.
"They must come together as Papua New Guineans, get together and do something, select the best people from all the provinces, make up numbers and form the government that way," Grand Chief Sir Michael said.

"Forget the individualistic parties, think about Papua New Guinea as a great country, get together and select the best people, make a grand coalition of all the parties, form the government, that will be a good government for Papua New Guinea if every leader think that way and they can push their individual items in the meeting or in caucuses that they are holding."
NBC News/PNG Today
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