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PNG Elections not transparent, says former Obudsman Toguata

A former Ombudsman, has said he believes the national election is not transparent as it should be.
John Toguata is demanding, and also wants Papua New Guineans to demand elected leaders to fix the various aspects of the electoral system so it is transparent.

Speaking on the NBC's Elections 2017 show last night, Mr Toguata said transparency-wise, he is NOT convinced the process has met this standard.

“I don’t think so because of the many complaints.
We have been doing this for the last forty odd years we should be getting better and the thing that upsets me about the common roll is,Why haven't we fixed this?.
This so fundamental for democracy.

Why hasn’t it been fixed over the last forty years .
I heard the Prime Minister say, we are not going to concentrate on it.
Why didn’t you concentrate on it then? I asked Mr O’neil and I asked every politician.
Why didn’t you concentrate on that ? .
The people of Papua New Guinea have every right, so now my challenge to the leaders who are going to come through is, to “Make it right” for goodness sake, for common sense, for democracy, for transparency make it right ,” Mr Toguata said.
NBC News / PNG Today
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