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Pilot Training in Papua New Guinea with MAF

With a ‘One Training Centre – Two Campuses‘ approach, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) will again offer flight training for Papua New Guineans in PNG.

The two training campuses are Mount Hagen, WHP and Mareeba, Queensland, Australia. MAF is planning two intakes each year, with the opportunity for up to four PNG students to begin training at each intake.

Within two years the MAF Training Centre (TC) aims to produce professional and competent pilots with relevant licenses, ratings and approximately 240 hours flying experience. With over 65 years of experience in providing essential flight services to many of the most isolated communities in PNG, MAF’s training curriculum will provide a focus on safety and remote area operations as modeled by MAF. With the two campuses’ integrated approach, students will get exposure to both the Australian and Papua New Guinean flying environments.

Each campus will work to a common curriculum, built on a competency-based training philosophy and compliant with the curriculum required by CASA PNG and CASA Australia. Training will be delivered by experienced instructors with significant industry expertise and cross-cultural experience.

The Mareeba Campus will deliver the foundational training to student pilots – covering Private Pilot’s license, Night Flying rating and Instrument Flight rating. Students will attend the Mount Hagen Campus to apply newly developed flight skills and knowledge in the PNG context, developing planning and navigation expertise, and the right attitude for safe remote operations. This part of the course will cover cross-country navigation, operations on non-paved airstrips, and competencies required for Commercial Pilot’s license training.

Flight costs are subject to change and could increase if student progress is slower than average.  Typically, the total two-year training costs for students enrolling during 2017 comes to AUD 107,500 with students gaining 240 flight hours. Additional expenses will include flights to/from Cairns, Australian student visa costs, CASA fees for medicals, licenses and ratings, CASA exam fees, and living expenses such as food and accommodation at either campus.

Prerequisites for entry include a Grade 12 high school (or higher) graduation certificate with “High Pass” marks in English, Math and Physics, good physical and mental health. In addition, prior to enrolling students, MAF will assess aptitude and suitability at a 3 day Pre-Flight Training assessment event to be held at the MAF TC campus in Mount Hagen (travel and accommodation at own cost). The assessment looks at a candidate’s general knowledge, numeracy and literacy skills plus aptitude and attitude. Only candidates who successfully pass the Pre-Flight Training Assessment may be offered flight training through MAF.

The next 3 day Pre-Flight Training Assessment at the MAF Training Centre in Mount Hagen will be held on November 13th-15th, 2017. Attendance will be by invitation only, and based on information provided by the students on the Flight Course application forms, which can be obtained via email request to: mba.trainingcentre@mafint.org or online via the MAF Training website www.maftraining.org/contact or in person at MAF, Kagamuga Airport, Mt Hagen, WHP.  Applications must be received by 30 August 2017 to be considered. Selected candidates will receive an invitation to attend the November assessment.
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