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Outdoor accountability, Public Scrutiny being silenced in PNG

Justin Rapula 
Opinion: By Justus Nambi Rapula
Legs of any opposition party or force have been metaphorically cut off. Arrests, ordinances forbidding public gatherings for any reason, interference with the work of opposition politicians and voices, and removal of the means and ability to create an effective opposition are all part of the beginner dictator's arsenal.
Part of this is the idea that any dissent or annoyed critique isn't actually a valid part of government, but "divisiveness" that need to be punished.

Disabling Public Accountability
The figures at the top of government remain untouched by reprisal or accusations of wrong-doing through tight control of legislature and the public service. There are many mechanisms by which governmental figures are meant to be kept accountable (laws about nepotism or cronyism and bodies responsible for monitoring their behavior are examples). Their erosion, or a decision to completely ignore them, is a signal of poor respect for democratic processes.
Signs of Time.
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