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O'Neill Government is broke : Why are Opposition MPs joining this government?

Opinion : By Nemo Yalo

NEMO YALO, Former Counsel to Ombudsman Commission and Former Acting National Court Judge responds to Peter Numu's reasons why he joined the PNC Government.

As a leader you make tough decisions in the interests of who you serve. However, one character trait of a good leader is consistency in his resolve under any circumstance if he knows that there is greater good to achieve if he maintains his resolve. He must resist the urge to defer and not be easily pliable or bendable like a copper wire. Criticisms positive or negative comes with the territory. The young leader's desire is to fight corruption at the 'institutional level'. The Govt he is joining is an institution in every sense and is openly and shamelessly corrupt. Wise move?
EHP and PNG wait to see him take up that fight from within because as they say, 'charity starts at home'. Good luck to him. The governor sounds more like Pangu Party Parl Wing, 'we can't beat 'em so we are joining 'em. The self- gratification they get from their justification to join govt blinded them from seeing their own stupidity staring back at them. So is this one.
Eastern Highlands and PNG will gain more in the long run by overthrowing a govt that is openly corrupt. Since the govt is broke where will the governor get resources to deliver services to EHP. It is naïve to add one more support to the govt to enable further wastage of public funds, inflated value of public contracts (therefore nil or less money for EHP), more borrowing of funds and or printing more money which EHP children and PNG children will pay for.
I wonder how much political weight this politically inexperienced man carries to fight corruption in this government. In the end his fight with University students against corruption and also Pangu Parl Wing's emotional and less articulate hot air style outbursts on corruption in the recent years were a complete fraud. They were not genuine about corruption destroying PNG but a fraudulent grandstanding to fool the voters nationwide.
So we see from their self-gratifying feeble justification that it was about them and not about the nation. After all this government is broke so where will Sam Basil and EHP governor get their money from to deliver services. Constitutional institutions are being locked out of offices for non-payment of monthly rentals.
There are more coming. At least one Const institution in Waigani I know has had no toner for months on end to copy or print documents. Services provides to govt are not being paid for many months. What do all these mean to those joining govt? Its better to say nothing when quitting the fight against corruption to join those who are corrupt.
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