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DHERST's Online selection for Tertiary Institutions reliable, says Fr Jan Cuzuba

The Grade 12 online selection has proven to be more reliable than the manual selection by revealing that all students scoring grade point average above 2.2 got selected which saw over 12, 000 selected within four minutes.

Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) Secretary Fr Jan Czuba said in 2016, there were 2293 such students and even 66 with GPA above 3.8 missed out.
The online selection data revealed that 47 per cent of the 25, 848 students applied were selected.
“With the inaugural use of the online selection system, a total of 12,234 students have been allocated to a study programme,” Fr Jan said.
Online selection data revealed that the system selected 12,234 candidates to 164 programmes within four minutes which 98 per cent of places for school leavers filled with candidates who met the requirement.
It stated that this was done in four steps.
“Candidates who selected a programme as a first choice and met entrance criteria were put on the waiting list. Finally, 3140 of them were matched to the programmes of their first choice,” Fr Jan said.
“Candidates on the waiting list were compared with candidates who selected the programme as a second choice, met criteria and were rejected by their first choice.
“Best of both groups were matched to the programme. In this stage, the algorithm added 2302 matches.
“There was still some space on the list, best candidates who were rejected in step 1 and 2 and met criteria were allocated to the programme. This added 6553 candidates to programmes. The programme then filled the remaining places with best candidates rejected in step 1, 2 and 3. Only 239 candidates were added at this stage.”
PCG Accedemia, a Polish subsidiary of the American Public Consulting Group company was outsourced by the DHERST to create this system. ...read more on >> PNG Education News Site

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