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Kobol to question premature declaration of William Powi by Electoral Commission

A candidate who had contested the Southern Highlands Provincial Seat in the 2017 National Election, will be asking the National Court to refer the case to the Supreme Court.

Petitioner Joseph Kobol wants the high court to determine if there are Constitutional breaches when the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, had declared incumbent governor, William Powi prematurely before counting was completed.

Mr Kobol will return to the National Court in Waigani on January 26th, where he will argue why this aspect of the case should be given to the Supreme Court to deal with.

The Southern Highlands Regional Seat was the last to be declared a month after the national elections had completed in July.

Mr Kobol is alleging that Commissioner Gamato's premature declaration had led to the destruction of properties in Mendi town and the subsequent killing of two police officers.

NBC News - Maivo Lafanama
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