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Three Local songs to be banned

The Papua New Guinea Office of Censorship will issue a circular to all broadcasters by tomorrow to ban three local songs with lyrics deemed as inappropriate for listeners.

Chief Censor Steven Mala revealed that the three songs are Sigarapim saksak, Private Nangu and Meri Sunam by Jaro local.
The call follows mounting complaints on social media regarding the song “Sigarapim saksak” and the other two songs.

Chief Censor Steven Mala’s description of the songs was “harmful and not listener friendly” especially to the younger audience.

“Censorship Office has a role to play and that is to make sure that whatever music or video that is broadcasted by Television and Radio is not offensive to listeners and the content must be appropriate to view” said Mr Mala.

Following this issue, the Censorship Office will set up a guideline for all artists to follow in order for their songs to be aired.

“When we put all the procedures and requirements in place, every new song will be screened by my office before it goes on airplay in any radio station and we hope to do that as soon as possible”

The Chief Censor has also invited the concerned artists behind the banned songs to have an open dialogue with his office if they feel the need to justify why their songs should not be banned.

“We don’t want be seen as we are just there to penalize any musicians, we want to work together with them in becoming professionals in the Music Industry and not just allowing them to produce something that is offensive to the public”

Mr Mala said his office is open to the concerned artists for discussion and any other artist who needs guidance content wise. 

By: Christine KILDI| PNGFM
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